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  1. KillerKu,   It is great to find another Ronettes fan. I regularly play “Be My Baby” and “Baby I love You,” plus a handful of other girl group songs. It might be my favorite sub-genre of pop music. Have you ever tried singing “He’s a Rebel” by the Crystals? It’s my all-time favorite. One day I’ll get it down, but it changes keys and does some other strange things that I can’t quite manage. The Zippers de
  2. My goodness, what a holiday delight. You sing beautifully and you look quite fetching, so I guess you're down to the very finer points, huh? ;-)  I'm afraid I can't offer any guidance in that area. Your lovely singing really captures the true spirit of Christmas. May I ask where you shot this video? 
  3. Unique style and masterful delivery. I have no useful feedback other than to say keep on singing. Was that you on the piano also?
  4. Very nice vocals. As a fellow guitarist, I would say that you're never going to get ideal tone while bent over your guitar on the edge of your bed. You'll get a lot more power and control by standing up. Just a thought. 
  5. Singers,    Here's a baritone treatment of tequila sunrise. I would appreciate any feedback anybody might have.    Rock on, Craig   
  6. Dion,    I certainly don't want to suggest MORE medication, but as far as phlegm goes I have had great luck with good old Mucinex. Get the generic version from Walmart or your local drugstore. The active ingredient is guaifenesin, which you can read about here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guaifenesin. I'm one of those "naturally phlegmy people," but guaifenesin helps knock it back into line.    Craig 
  7.   Holy smokes, this Julien Mueller guy is something else! Great clip, Mr. Lunte....
  8. Warm, balanced tone....and nice presence behind the microphone. Personally I'd like to see you sing a tune with a guitar in your hands. Just because I like that sort of thing. 
  9. It's virtually impossible to sing well while "trying to be quiet." You choke you own tone, and you can even damage your voice. I would encourage you to sing in the presence of your roommates. Sing with full breath support, and all the normal resonance of your throat and head, and try to hit a normal volume. It's really impossible to draw any conclusions about your voice until you do this. Right now it sounds interesting and quirky. What else? I don't know.   Your song compositions seem like fragments. Flesh these out. Right now, they're each around a minute or a minute-and-a-half long.
  10. Really enjoyed your singing on this. I think you just about nailed it. A touch of echo and some EQ wouldn't hurt the recording, but the actual singing was right on. 
  11. It would take a truly extraordinary vocalist to sing this a cappella. You almost pull it off in a number of places, but the pitch does drift. Step 1: sing along with a piano, guitar, or some other instrument, simply so you can more easily follow the melody. Your tone is naturally pleasant, though. 
  12. Nice work; smooth and effortless delivery. Time to work in some dramatic stage movements....
  13. Well done. I hear this song at nearly every open mic I go to, but your version was a nice departure. It really cooked from the midpoint onward. 
  14. Nice work with this. This song is a regular part of my own acoustic repertoire, and I really enjoyed your interpretation. The flange on the guitar is a nice touch. 
  15. Once you get the guitar tuned, you might consider experimenting with different capo positions. Your voice is a little light and fluffy on this. See if there is a different key that feels comfortable and which enables you sing with more resonance. 
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