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  1. Latch- Sam Smith

    Flawless man, nothing more to say. I'm surprised no one commented on this top-notch performance... You had some of the hardest phrases to swell the mixed/full voice on and you just nailed it!
  2. Led Zeppelin - The Immigrant Song (Cover)

    Agreed ^^^^ I'd love to hear the rest of this song happen.
  3. My first song post

    Wow lovely interpretation/cover! I really liked the tone throughout and you really sounded like you meant every word. The only thing is that you were just a tad bit flat when the key change happened around 2:01. Were you listening to the music with the headphones or your own voice? For some reason, I've found when you listen to music with earphones in while recording yourself with the same song there is a tendency for the voice to get a little bit wobbly with pitch, I really don't know why. Whenever I record I always put my voice in the foreground first, with the music in the background instead other than the other way around just in case that happens. Anyways, hope that helps, I'm kind of a newbie to singing too compared to you, but its just something I've encountered with recording. You're a huge help to everyone around here Aspiring Singer. I wouldn't be surprised if you're going places soon Awesome job! Sorry for the long post/lecture, its unlike me lol
  4. Freddie Mercury - In My Defence (cover)

    Wow fantastic job on this! Lots of power required and you just nailed it.
  5. Led Zeppelin - The Immigrant Song (Cover)

    Hey man! Cool to see another Robert Plant fan around the forum. That was an awesome demo man. You almost had a Chris Cornell-ish approach to the opening wails. The only thing I can say is that it may be easier for you to go from an AW vowel to more of an UH vowel on the B4 to C5 pitches for you. I hope that helps! Keep singing, your really sounding cool!
  6. A short clip of raspy screams

    Wow sounded a lot like Myles Kennedy really throwing down hard (but in your own way of course)! Good stuff. What songs have you been working on lately that use that rasp technique?
  7. Walking in the Air - Celtic Woman style

    Wow that was a really marvelously amazing in a mystical way! Loved it!
  8. I have been waiting for a girl like you - Foreigner

    Oh man, it seems the track isn't working. It says it might be private or broken. Sometimes I don't realize that after I upload the track in set to private because I'm logged in Looking forward to listening!
  9. Can I Sing?

    Well you have a pleasant enough tone and I could hear some potential here. You just need to hone in on working on your pitch and support as there were some moments where you kind of just faded in and out of the song and it just sounded like you were tired. I didn't hear anything embarrassing so don't worry about that, you just need a little more confidence. Keep on singing dude and just keep working at it, you'll get there! :)
  10. Major Tom - David Bowie

    Its okay Ron! I still pronounced Epiphone like "Epiphany" up until 5 years ago. I also used to think that song by The Who was called "Teenage Wasteland" but it really was "Baba O' Reilly", but I guess thats understandable hahaha.
  11. I want to know what love is(Foreigner)

    What I meant by grit is that really slight rasp or distortion that Lou Gramm uses to add the "bluesiness" and color to the song. Listen carefully when he does the F#5 and the F5 and even the B4s in the bridge "IN my life" you can hear a little bit of rasp there. As for how to add it for yourself, I am not the best person to ask because I'm still trying to find my own "sweet spot" for adding rasp without hurting myself I would recommend taking a little lesson for that with a vocal coach near you or the many coaches that offer online Skype lessons right here at the forum like Rob Lunte, Daniel Formica, Phil Moufarrege and many others.
  12. I want to know what love is(Foreigner)

    Wow nice job man! Keep on doing what you're doing, because if you can even sing that song in tune without wearing yourself out, much singing it passionately, you're doing something right! I would just add a little bit more grit towards the end though to give it that signature "punch" but only if you can do it in a safe way. Congratulations! :)
  13. Major Tom - David Bowie

    Sounds awesome Ronws! Its neat hearing a truly "unplugged" version of this. Almost sounds like the version a wistful Major Tom would do after he realizes he might have no chance of ever going back to Earth. Pitch was spot on all around and recording sounds good. BTW I think this song is actually called "Space Oddity". but its all good. That David Bowie Bing Crosby Duet I posted I did in the other thread really must have stuck with you lol!
  14. Better example of my singing.

    Cool! I really liked that... Nice tone and style! You seem to have excellent recording skills too! What was the name of the song you played in the first demo?
  15. The Crystal Ship , The Doors (cover)

    Thanks sixohs! It was sort of a one take anything goes kind of thing. :)