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  1. wabba_treads

    Myles Kennedy - His Technique

    I could be wrong, but it seems to me that in the context that Ken is putting it in his teaching, he is referring to the ideals behind what goes into Bel Canto and how it can be applied to his technique and modern day pop/rock singing. Heres my question to you guys; if the term "Bel Canto" simply means beautiful singing in Italian but there are techniques that go into it, wouldn't that make the word more than just an adjective? I don't know if calling it a technique is that far off the mark but if there are constants to what makes Bel Canto Bel Canto and it has the traits of classical singing as well, what is wrong with using the word "Bel Canto" and "Classical Singing" interchangeably? Man, semantics in vocal teaching sure is something I'd love to hear Ken's thoughts on the subject.
  2. wabba_treads

    Songs that test your breath management

    This isn't everyones first choice for a challenge in breath support, but for me, that chorus....
  3. wabba_treads

    VIDEO HERE (Bob's) Magic Moments

    And now for something completely different....        Wow, I still am in awe at how well Michael Jackson sang right in the middle of puberty. MJ is the man! 
  4. Steve Perry is definitely the Man when it comes to shedding weight the right way in your upper register. It makes him always sound so effortless and free.   @ Killerku, Here's proof that Steve can sing ballsy with lots of power when he wanted to. Sort of has a gritty Little Richard/ Sam Cooke style to it.     Awesome performance!
  5. wabba_treads

    The Judas Priest Discussion

      This version is even better than the studio performance to me! Classic performance, with Rob hitting lots of effortless sustained F#5s and G5s plus some fabulous vibrato and rasp.   The whole band is killing it here, its a shame they didn't keep Les Blinks he had such a heavy groove that was perfect for Priest. 
  6. wabba_treads

    Steven Tyler - Amazing (Live Acoustic)

    +10,000^ 11 power. As much as I love Steven Tyler, the legends shouldn't have to get a free pass on things they could improve on in a particular performance. Technically I agree with Owen for the most part except for the point he made about context of performances. He is doing a benefit show for recovering drug addicts and since he was one himself I think he gave a very vulnerable raw, performance that fit the occasion and to inspire those in rehab. Technically perfect? Hell no, but the message was there under the imperfections and he gave it his all. Its cool Steven wanted to go out of his way to help out those troubled people in rehab.
  7. wabba_treads

    First High C

    On that note (pun intended) I just am wondering.. How much of a role does posture actually play in singing, once you get down the fundamentals of good support and having consistency in the rest of your technique?
  8. wabba_treads

    First High C

    Wow dude that was an awesome clip. Love these kind of success story articles. You inspired me to post this here. I was trying to hit the C5 with the same level of weight as my A4s and wow I had to really support like mad to do that! I also had to modify the ah vowel to more towards the UH. After quite a few tries I finally found that "pocket" of resonance and could finally sustain that note convincingly. I did it in more of a siren kind of way though, the way you did it was much more challenging. (for me anyways) Anyways this is my first real convincing C5. Now translating this same sensation to real songs is the tricky part https://app.box.com/s/e2d4ektl2jetab2eluni Congrats man, on your discovery! Wish you the best in your singing journey.
  9. wabba_treads

    singing lessons online for free

    Hey Nosomeone special, Learning how to do anything, much less singing will not break the bank exactly, but in the long run it definitely won't be completely free, however some things are worth saving for if singing is what you really desire to do. Here's a few youtube channels that have some good free info that I recommend to help you get on the right track. http://www.youtube.com/user/philmoufarrege http://www.youtube.com/user/roblunte http://www.youtube.com/user/vocalpoweruk http://www.youtube.com/user/RocktheStageNYC *PLEASE NOTE*: This is NOT the route to take for the long term, this is only to help you get your feet wet, so to speak and to introduce you to concepts of the method. The real results you get will be from training/ exercises, only a sample of exercises are shown because there is little room for error that way and to set the foundation of what each program/method has to offer. Once you get familiar with some concepts, there are some EXCELLENT choices for self-study to really set you on the fast track to great singing. For that I recommend; 4Pillars of Singing program http://www.thevocaliststudiostore.com/The-Four-Pillars-of-Singing_p_27.html * (One of the main authors/ developers Rob Lunte himself showed up in this thread so feel free to ask him anything you want to know, he'll definitely be glad help you out). * Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy ( http://kentamplinvocalacademy.com/ Jaime Vendera's Raise Your Voice (book) http://www.amazon.com/Raise-Your-Voice-Jaime-Vendera/dp/0974941158/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1415971890&sr=8-4&keywords=raise+your+voice Kevin Richards Breaking The Chains http://www.thevoxshop.com/rock-vocal-course.html Think of this as investing in a class (albeit a really fun, hands-on class) because that is almost really what it is. You are paying money to learn the art of great singing and how to apply it. Really research all of these options and find the one approach that you feel most comfortable with. Sorry to hear about your financial situation, economies tough these days and thats an understatement. Each youtube channel I linked all offer online singing lessons on Skype. Even having just one or two lessons can sometimes be all you need to progress the rest of the way on your own so if you are ever stuck, just set aside a little money and use paypal to book a lesson with the coaches I listed. Theres also some excellent vocal coaches that show up in this forum regularly that offer skype lessons like Daniel Formica, Felipe Carvalho, Marnell Sample and many others. Hope this helps man, I wish you the best!
  10. wabba_treads

    VIDEO HERE (Bob's) Magic Moments

    Ok Burton Cummings time! Here's a really powerful performance from their classic album "Share The Land". Those sustained B4s at the "Freedom" bridge blow me away What a great groove this song has! Ok heres a bit of random trivia, The Guess Who covered "Hey Jude" sometime in the early 70s but I couldn't find it anywhere except on a singing forum called "The Range Place" which I am a part of. I have the link here to the site its on. http://grooveshark.com/#!/search/song?q=The+Guess+Who+Hey+Jude Great cover here!
  11. wabba_treads

    Passasgio workout songs

    Haha cool topic man! Ok now that Elton John was mentioned, I gotta say this one is a real tough one, it just sounds tame at first, LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SUJIcL82C4 The hardest part for me are the hard consonants and vowel shifting on the pre-chorus; "He was born a PAUPER TO A PAWN on a CHRISTMAS day" The only way I could do it comfortably and keep an open throat is to make more of a B and G sound instead of the P and C onsets (I am still working on that!) . Not to mention the melody in that part hovers around G-A4 the entire time, no wonder Elton isn't hitting the A4s as much in that part nowadays.
  12. wabba_treads

    Can anybody

    Wow I logged in for the first time in a month just because I wanted to say that this is a REALLY helpful and eye-opening discussion. Thanks guys! I'm starting to see why the term mixed voice even exists and why its still around today. It probably was used in the singing world long ago to describe the point in a skilled singer's range when he/she would be transitioning from M1 into M2 and how it seems to have the sonic qualities of both (to the naked ear). As far as vocal terms of old go, they were picture words used to describe a sensation or sound to the best of a singer's ability. This is just so fascinating...
  13. wabba_treads

    kansas first gig with ronnie platt

    Wow, he sounds great. He really let loose in "Point of Know Return" Edit: he does a really spot on version of "Hold On" too!
  14. wabba_treads

    Latch- Sam Smith

    Flawless man, nothing more to say. I'm surprised no one commented on this top-notch performance... You had some of the hardest phrases to swell the mixed/full voice on and you just nailed it!
  15. wabba_treads

    Led Zeppelin - The Immigrant Song (Cover)

    Agreed ^^^^ I'd love to hear the rest of this song happen.