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  1. Exactly Robert which is why I posted this link there - https://thevocaliststudio.com/can-anyone-learn-to-sing in hopes that people won't listen to this person and rather not only listen to you but maybe actually take lessons from you.
  2. Yeah I know that youtube comments are not the best way to get opinions but still as popular as youtube is if anyone sees a comment like this: Singing is mostly a talent you are born with. You can either sing or you can't sing. No amount of voice lessons or practice in the world is going to make you a good singer. It might discourage someone to actually get vocal lessons. Comments like this really agitate me but I did give a link from TMW and told this person I'd rather listen to someone like Robert than someone who hasn't a clue on how the voice works.
  3. For someone that hasn't been singing you did a decent job though I'm going to be honest with you as a fan of Kamelot myself you need to work on your tonality if you are going to do a good cover of any Kamelot song(Khan's and Tommy's era). That means get that rich smooth tone and pitch that Khan and Tommy are known for and 'I do believe Robert that owns this site and has a vocal program called 4 Pillars Of Singing plus lessons personally can get you that rich tone to handle Kamelot songs.
  4. If they can do that with Boeheim Rhapsody I'd be impressed.
  5. Have you even went to the doctor and have that checked out? It might be your thyroid but you need to get checked out to see what's wrong.
  6. I've heard of that program. I also heard that guy that does that program is very very good in teaching how to sing. I also heard he likes fast cars and spaghettiOs with maple syrup
  7. I just love when you get nonexperts in singing that say "nope you can't learn to sing. It's a natural talent you have to be born with" and I'm like yeah try telling that to some of the most famous singers in music that required coaching/lessons. Man that grinds my gears when they say that!
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