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Almost Is Never Enough by Ariana Grande sung by Ellise 16

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Hello Elise...

BTW, I fixed your header in your profile page... looks better now... 

Regarding your Review Here:

I love your productions... and your voice is beautiful. Way to go ... just keeping at it and singing, singing, singing!  Your doing great.

  • :57 - "Truth"... this is flat... you might want to consider modifying this vowel from "truth" to "truhth"... you can keep with the closed "oo" vowel, IF you can pull it off, but sometimes it really doesn't matter and isn't important. And sometimes, a modified vowel just sound prettier because its more open and you can get your larynx down better, etc... anyways, if it is going to be flat, then you should try the modified option.


  • I like the compression on your voice. Since we last heard you, it has grown in strength. It is sounding more beefy and womanly now... you have a very healthy glottis. Probably from all the singing your doing.


  • You have mojo... like the way emote and interpret Elise... its very artistic.


  • 2:07 - 2:48 ::  Great vowels, great legato, good mojo, etc... good singing.. nice work!


  • 4:06 - 4:08 ::  These open vowels are a little bit flat... open the soft palate more and tune in a little bit more ae/a ("cat") in the formant color, that will tune it up. The Formant alignment is just a pinch shallow for the frequency. Other then that, it is a really lovely shot... just tune it up... needs more "a" (cat)... just a foggy hint... don't go overboard!


Good Job Elise. I can see you are still singing a lot and your hard work is paying off!  KEEP going... if you ever want to train, let me know, I'll give you a special TMV World member deal... I would like to help you. We could work on some belt techniques to fortify your muscle strength.


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Beautiful Job Ellise. You really are building up quite a set list and a set of pipes. I agree with Robert I can hear the strength in your voice increasing and you are still growing as a stylist too! I am a huge fan of your talent and I expect to see you go very far. :4: Hope you and your family have a great Holiday.


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