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A new one.

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Let me give you the kiss of death, because I am evil.

Good job. Really. I have no idea what you are doing here, when you should be recording for real and releasing something.

Do you just want applause? Well, fine. But you can make money some money doing this.

Fellow member Keith has a band called Drop Head and an album called "Drop Dead" released on itunes and I have it in my ipod. You could be doing the same thing and I would pay to hear you singing stuff like this.

Hurry, you are only young, once, Trust me on that.

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Hey man... Nice catchy guitar, awesome execution there. Very "seattlish" lol.

On the vocals, you could do a few ajustments that in my opinion are necessary to make it work, there is a falsetto on the backings and the beginning right? Kinda wailling, ala Alice in Chains to me, they are a bit weird right now, very weird actually :P. Timming and the choices of notes, make it lock on the guitar and keep it high and quiet, I think it will fit nicely.

The first verses, lower in pitch, they are not sounding natural, think of a lower volume there, dont try to project so much, and follow the lower dynamics on the guitar.

The higher parts sound natural and killer, just one note on the first chorus piece sounds out of the harmonic field, your idea kicks ass and will sound awesome, but you droped a semitone bellow the note that would fit, I think its the second note. On the second chorus melody, its quite nice.

Fix these and I think it will come very nice...

Ive listenned to Plush too, I like it :)

Now, isnt there anyway to improve the recording conditions? Too much reflections man, if you cant get close to the mic, find a way to dampen the place youll record in at least a bit... The lows are washing everything.

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@Everyone : Thank you guys very much.. It's a work in progress...

@Ron: no I don't want that at all.. Honestly, I do not have any "vocalist" friends that I can turn to.. They all consist of either pure guitar players, drummers, etc.. or sportnutz that don't know anything about music...

So I come to this forum (I'm on another one too), to share my passion, and to see how others like it OR dislike it. I only want to grow as a artist. I'm 41, and time is ticking by fast...

Thank you for thinking highly of it though! That's my goal -- iTunes, Youtube, etc.. ;-)

@Felipe: Thanks to you too. I really NEED to find a quiet place to record my stuff, as you were not the first one to make mention to the weird sounds on the recording. For some reason, everyone thinks it's me trying to do something (guess because I know it's not, I don't hear it. haha).... I performed that song at a dinner party, and those are the guests / children, making those noises... I did not add anything falsetto to the song..

Another song that had a weird sound on it was Rooster -- I had to trim the beginning part because of it.. lol..

I'm confused on how to apply the comment you made regarding the first verse where I'm lower in pitch and projecting. That's actually close to my speaking voice (i'm a baritone) and I was singing it in a speaking level where I had to get closer to the mic. I don't know how to make it more natural, since it was purely natural to me.. hahahaha...

Humm. The part regarding me falling out of harmonic field on the 1st chorus, I've never heard before - always sung that way, and listening to it... I think you are right.... I will definitatly add that to my watch list ... I'll work on that and do another recording...

I record my stuff on my Ipad in the living room of the house for all the tracks (including this one)..

I will move it downstairs and re-record it using my computer and see how it comes out..

I will do that shortly and upload it again to soundcloud.

Thank you very much for your Positive and Constructive critiques everyone!!!!!


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Haha never mind the falsetto then, I was like wth are those backings.

Lows are natural... Are them well supported? You need a bit more of consistency and dynamic variations there, bring it even lower on some spots and then resolve into the chorus. Open the posture a bit, the pitch will take care of keeping the character depth.

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