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"Daddy's Little Girl" - Original - Kick Ass Female Prog Vocals!

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Hi Dianne,

I LOVE IT Too... it absolutely kicks ass!


LOVE the Proggy time changes.. love the feel, love your voice... you sound cool.

2:41 - 2:43 - cool change!

3:32 - 3:37 - Frickin cool!

Gno is correct, the mix could use some work... it is a bit "rumbly"/"noisy" to me it could be smoother perhaps... but Im listening over a PA system in a big ambient , ringy room.

I'm telling you man, show me a woman that can "frickin" rock that and you got my attention!

I'm featuring this... and I pimped out your title a little bit... hope you don't mind!

Tell us more about you, your band... whats the deal?  Is this a demo, or from a full album? Where are you located? Where was it recorded? What kind of microphones, etc... did you use in the studio? Where is your band web site?

Your awesome... be my girl, Please!!!

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Thank you all SO MUCH. The track lacks in quality because the music was already mixed and then my vocals added to the mix. Long story, but the band broke up and I later got rights to use the songs being I wrote the lyrics. The players were scattered around the country so there was no chance of a do-over. The track is a part of my EP "It's All Grift" which is available on Amazon and I-Tunes. Below is the link to the EP on SoundCloud. Again, thank you all so much.

You can also check out my music page at https://www.facebook.com/RouxBedrosianMusic?fref=ts



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