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  1. LOL, I'm dumb sorry. Guess that was too good to be true ...
  2. Your voice seems to be very spot on, but the recording is clipping in the beginning (or some strange effect). That's very annoying.
  3. Hi, this sounds great. Are you using distortion techniques to get that 'raspy' voice?
  4. I love the emotion and power in your voice. Some minor point: Something didn't seem quite right about the transition in the long beeeeeeeee at the beginning to my ears. But I may be mistaken. Really would love to be able to sing rock like that!
  5. Well, I was expecting something much worse. I think you have a very nice voice and already acquired some singing skill.
  6. Thanks, I will study my singing anatomy and practice ... You are right, I was foolish of thinking I could get around that. Here is a clip of me trying to sing less windy, with more muscular support. Sorry for the buzz, will try to get rid of that in the future. Edit: I wonder where that Mickey Mousish touch in my voice come from.
  7. Do you think the following could help: Each time you hit a specific note on the piano you imagine a specific picture (say a rose for G or Mickey Mouse for A). After a while, would the pictures show up in your visual imagination when you hear the sound? I tried it yesterday and I had the impression it could work.
  8. What is the forum policy on me posting soundfiles of me doing the Quack exercise later? Of course not right ahead, but in a week or two when I think I got it down in a way making advise reasonable.
  9. ​Granted, the ad looks cheesy lol. But more importantly: Does it work?
  10. I do not know if David Lucas Burge has a good reputation or not. But he sells both a 'Perfect Pitch Ear Training Course' which is based on the concept of 'sound color' and a relative pitch version. From what I heard so far at a friend he seems reasonable. This friend of me got the course and wanted to give it to me someday, but until now this sadly never happened.
  11. Gneetap, yes the interface has such a knob and I already took it too the max (not sure for this recording though, since I like a little less gain more). I think the problem was in the, as Robert would maybe put it, windbaggy singing.
  12. Ah, you were talking about compression of the vocal chords, not the 'support' in the belly I suppose. I will also look deeper into that.