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Some songs:

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I just wanted to post some stuff. It's not really that good. My voice need some serious rest that I refuse to take, ect. There's a few of them and they are all just copies of the original singers voice, except for NIB. That's the way I like to record at this point. Do a take or two and move along. If it's crap, try again tomorrow. I don't like doing a verse at a time and spending hours on one song. The first four were recorded in about 1.5 hours and were one take each per voice. I don't like to do the whole songs either, but a good minute or two. I'd rather have 100 demos that are quick to listen to that 10 that are full songs that only 2-3 someone may have heard.

Black Sabbath - NIB, Karaoke track, Dio version in the left, Ozzy version in the right, Low Baritone in the middle, High Baritone in the middle. All but the low baritone are mixed into the background. The first verse of that voicing was not as good as the rest. First attempt at singing it that way, though. Haven't sung this one in years before today.


Rush - Subdivisions, karaoke track. I clearly didn't sound as good on the "any escape" part and took a breath in the middle on both takes. Double tracked, the BG vocals are opposite phased stereo and the main vocal was duped and changed to a -90 degree phase.


Marillion - Kayleigh, karaoke track. Double tracked.


Vision Divine - Here in 6048, recorded over the original. Not very good. The tone is a bit bright and it's not quite there yet, but Luppi has a nearly impossible voice to duplicate.


Ayreon - Mystery, recorded over the original. The female voice are a little bright and thus buried in the mix, but can be clearly heard.


Labyrinth - A Midnight Autumn's Dream. I've done this one far better. One vocal take doubled and the second one phased at -90 degrees and buried in the mix for a slight echoey "two voice" effect.


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Sounds to me like you are singing an octave lower than the original - which of course is fine unless you are not aware that you are doing that. A little pitchy in places. Also, i get the feeling that you are talking on pitch, and not singing the notes. Can I explain what I mean? no, prolly not lol. I also second Felipe in that you should get a coach. Most of the issues that I hear that immediatly affect the interpretation of your singing could be fixed with help and direction.

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I have to agree with all the responses.

I know Felipe is always saying get a coach. But in this case, yes, that could definitely help. If you are an engineer as you describe yourself to be, you should be able to afford one. Then, again, I don't know what country in which you are an engineer. An electrical or electronic engineer in America can make 40 to 50k (USD) with benefits added to that.

Anyway, what I could make out of it was off pitch in most places.

And it was irritating, for me, to hear the layered vocals. You don't have to make as crappy a minimal mix as I make for myself but please get rid of the effects so that we can hear your voice. So many layers and effects. Get rid of the phasing thingy. That is going to throw off being able to hear pitch problems in playback.

Let me also ask you to break your pattern. Do one song, all the way through. Even if you comp the vocal track.

How are you monitoring when you record the vocal? That can have some effect. Though I think, in most of the samples, you are not hearing the note you are singing, regardless of bassy near-field effect in monitors or headphones.

You mentioned in another thread being able to do a C7. Can you do one of those for an example? That would be neat to hear, even if it was 1/4 off.

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If I remember correctly, he claims that he can hit notes in the 9th octave, shattering the world record for highest sung note by a male by more than an octave. :D

I forgot that or must have glossed over it. Yeah, do one of those, too. That would be neat.

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