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    • Is Singing Something People Are Born With?
      By Lien · Posted
      I just RECENTLY started studying in what I would call a formal way with Ken's lessons.   Sorry about the confusion. 
    • Ella Fitzgerald: This Specific Vocal Flourish
      By StanleyPanley · Posted
      Thank you VideoHere!  I read into the anatomy of the larynx and about laryngeal height. It seems easier to reproduce the effect just knowing what's going on in there.    Also the video was great! Thanks for exposing me to that recording. I like "Over the Rainbow" and I like Jackie Wilson, so I can't believe I haven't heard his version yet. It's great stuff. 
    • Is Singing Something People Are Born With?
      By Lien · Posted
      U got it.  Lol
    • Is Singing Something People Are Born With?
      By Lien · Posted
      i studied on my on for years (read books from the school library) and practiced at home.  I started in the mid 70's. Self taught no natural talent for me.  I eventually got pretty good so I joined a band singing lead and high harmonies.  N the 80's we  didn't have computers and all the things we have today to reach out for help and lessons.  In 2000 I was having some voice problems ( there wasn't anyone to help me figure out what  was going wrong or at least I knew of no one at that time). So, I quit and started playing guitar and banjo n a band.  I really got into playing and just didn't  think a lot about singing for awhile.  I did sang harmony parts in this band. The band had two great singers, too.  When I was browsing the internet last year I saw the KTVA singing instruction program and it peaked my interst so I decided to give it a try.  I had no real formal lesson until I started this course.  If u remember, I ask John to help me but he could b of no help because he only told me two things to do.  Drink water and support.  So, that is my story.  So I am a little optimistic now.  Ken seems to support similar to John so that is why I chose his course.  I almost 53.  At this point, if I make great progress or a little I will b happy.
    • Is Singing Something People Are Born With?
      By Gneetapp · Posted
      Hey man you can count on it! But you better come back filthy rich too, so you will be able to afford paying me.    
    • Is Singing Something People Are Born With?
      By Felipe Carvalho · Posted
      I have studied voice for years.  Through my studies I was able to develop to a high C.  I sang for many years and still do. I just recently started studying.   ?  
    • Is Singing Something People Are Born With?
      By Lien · Posted
      .    I just recently started studying.  However, if I so happen to make great progress, you know I will update you guys.    If this reincarnation u are talking about is true, maybe we will be in a band together next go around and u can do my backing vocals.
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