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    • Running / Jogging benefits for the voice
      By EveryVoice · Posted
      My neighbors haven't complained. One time they did bang on the wall but I'm not surprised because I was singing at 10pm! It wasn't fair on them for me to be singing at that time. They are decent people though. They have a son who often shouts his head off at his mom and at people he's playing against on his online games so it makes me not feel as guilty when I sing hehe.  I can imagine it getting annoying for them though even when I do exercises and singing earlier in the day. Constant sounds all the time. The great thing about doing it whilst stood or sat on a patch of grass out in the country is that I can make as many sounds as I like and just totally relax and experiment with my voice without being afraid of annoying people, which will definitely effect my voice if i'm worrying about disturbing people. When in the house, I'm usually like, "Ok so now I'll do this 5 tone scale, now this octave scale". But in the country I can just make random sounds as well as do the scales. Funny story Ron haha. Yes I know what you mean about running doing the same as a warm up! Glad it worked out for you man!
    • Running / Jogging benefits for the voice
      By hummingbird25 · Posted
      Swimming is a good exercise for singing. But I wouldn't believe you would wanna go for a swim before doing singing exercises and that.
    • Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety
      By hummingbird25 · Posted
      I like Steven Frasers question! Very good question. Paul. You get frustrated because you partly want to improve as an artist/performer. You've tackled the error in your artistry and that is your singing technique. You've tried singing lessons, and I think Steven is asking a really good question because singing takes time to improve but if you know what sound and level you want to go with your singing, you should mention it to your singing teacher. Wether it is how to sing softer, louder, more controlled etc. There is another thing to this. You are actually saying you tense up because you don't enjoy performing anymore. You feel frustrated and anxious. These factors definitely will affect your ability of singing. Anything negative that happens to us in life will affect our voices. Not enjoying will have a negative effect on your voice in other words. Physically, if we get a flu or hoarse, our voices will sound awful and not good. Mentally, as you don't enjoy singing, our voices, and body as well, will tense up. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. My advice is to cut down your peforming, if not even just take a pause from it completely for a while. Invest in taking singing lessons and get coached and allow yourself to having fun of improving as a singer. Keep practising your guitar playing and try to find joy in your "schooling" period. When you take a break from this you will realise how much you miss performing and might find excitment again. It's good to take a break from it. Be kind to yourself. A vocal teacher will also help you overcome the stage fright. I personally never had stage fright/ performance anxiety when singing or dancing or acting, but I would like to advice you and I hope it is good.
       Once I been told by my singing teacher at school, in order to be less nervous on stage, think about your song, how you are going to sing your song, how you are going to sing technically, where you want to improvise with a wailing/melisma etc. Also, if you focus on singing the way your voice can do for now, is also a way to be kind to yourself and a way to lessen up your stage fright. You allow your mind to have a positive influence on your performance. I believe your stage fright happens now because you want to do something your voice cannot do at this point. This is now your reason to take this issue to a singing teacher and talk with him or her about this so you can work on where you want to take your voice, to the next level. Wether that is to sing like Kurt Cobain or like Frank Sinatra, I dont know. But this is why I liked Steven Frasers question, cause it's all there for you Paul. One last thing. Everyone learns to sing in different tempos. Some need more lessons, some need less! Do NOT give up. You will find joy again, but it's time for you to allow a change in your music life. Music and singing isn't just about performing, it's also about learning and progressing. Singers and musicians NEVER stop to learn. That is my belief at least.
    • Running / Jogging benefits for the voice
      By Phil Perry · Posted
      Running or even a long walk almost does the same as warming up for me. And, I feel your pain. For the last couple years I've been practicing on a freeway overpass over the 101 freeway in LA. Actually works perfect. The noise drowns me out to anyone not on the walkway so I can feel free to go for stuff and sound like absolute crap and no one will ever know. 
    • Running / Jogging benefits for the voice
      By ronws · Posted
      Have your neighbors complained to you or did you just assume they would be displeased? When I lived in a condo in Dallas, I would practice my singing at full volume. My neighbors, newlyweds, were enjoying the marital bliss. So, even steven, so to speak. Never complained to each other about anything. The other neighbors had a loud stereo and liked dance music. So, I turned my 200 watt amp to the wall and wailed out "Snakesin Cowboys" by Ted Nugent. Never any complaints.  
    • Running / Jogging benefits for the voice
      By EveryVoice · Posted
      Hi everyone.   Lately I've been going out for a run and instead of working my voice out at home with next door neighbors getting annoyed at me, I've been singing in the countryside. I find a quiet spot in the grass after a run and I can just let loose instead of worrying about people hearing me and annoying people. Something that I've noticed is after running for about 20-30 minutes, everything is much easier! Bridging and connecting, not straining, sustaining notes.. it's a whole lot easier. I'm guessing this is to do with the breath from the running. Whilst running i'm taking big breaths in and out. It's great! My voice feels a whole lot better after a run instead of spending minutes doing breathing exercises at home stood still.  I also workout my voice when running back too. Each time one of my feet hit the ground, I let sounds out like "Yah", "Hee", "Muh", "Ma", "Hey" and it feels totally fine and released. It's like my voice is going where it wants to go naturally instead of me overthinking things and ending up straining. I just thought I'd mention it. Maybe it will help someone!
    • Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety
      By ronws · Posted
      I was watching an interview with Neil Young.  First off, do what it is that you do and let no one dissuade you. Have the belief in your own vision. This has made him aloof and somewhat mysterious, like the first time he left Buffalo Springfield on the eve of a big show. But he followed the muse, to the benefit of everyone. "After the Goldrush" would not have happened if he continued something just because that is what was expected of him. Do not entertain doubt. If you doubt something, then drop it. Doubt eats at you. Do only what you can commit to without doubt. And do not fear failure. My tagline is "winners never quit." There is more to it than that. Winners fail all the time. The difference between a winner and loser is that the winner never quit but kept going until succeeding. In fact, a winner has probably failed more times than most losers because the winner kept trying and failing and the loser quit after failing once or twice.
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