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    • Imagine - John Lennon
      By charlie · Posted
      mode private + MP it's better  I will never again    sorry !    
    • How to Sing Queen Songs & Everything Else You Wanted To Know About Singing!
      By benny82 · Posted
      Yes, of course, but some methods, like Estill and CVT, have postulated a mode of singing in which you use a specifically high amount of twang. Also from what I've heard it was mainly Estill who made the use of the word "twang" with regards to vocal training popular. In everyday language "twang" can actually mean many different things including a nasal tone or a quacky tone which is not neccessarily what twang means for singers. It also mainly describes a sound as opposed to the action of epiglottic narrowing, which is the definition for singers. That narrowing just happens to produce a quacky sound if you do it very strongly, but for singers "twang" is also present in the voice when you don't hear a "twangy" sound in the sense the term is used in common language. Actually, on a German forum where I post a lot I often get offended for using the word "twang" as a synonym for vocal fold compression or epiglottic narrowing or as the description for a vocal mode, because in Germany using that word is more popular in the guitar world where it just describes a certain snaring sound that you can make with a guitar string. Of course there are also Estill/CVT/TVS users in Germany who know what the term means, but the vast majority of vocal teachers in Germany seems to not know about the use of that term in singing. A few who at least know the term don't think of it as a physiological mechanism but just as a way of singing high notes in M2 with a brighter and thinner sound color 
    • Imagine - John Lennon
      By charlie · Posted
      is that I understood at first. that's why I had thought to put on youtube, and registering his email where only Robert to access . I do not know how to go with soundcloud . unless there is an option where you can get in his private email . if not even apologize. it is involuntary 
    • Imagine - John Lennon
      By ronws · Posted
      Charlie, it looks like you are sharing proprietary information against the direct wish of the author and this is twice, now. You need to stop, just stop.
    • How to Sing Queen Songs & Everything Else You Wanted To Know About Singing!
      By Robert Lunte · Posted
      "Twang" is not something that is unique to any particular vocal training method or school. 
    • How to Sing Queen Songs & Everything Else You Wanted To Know About Singing!
      By benny82 · Posted
      Nice quote by Steven. I'm also under the impression that the twang is the most important of the 4 impedance spots Martin mentioned. That's why its a basic principle in CVT and it happens to make Edge (or Estill Twang mode) having the strongest "sweet spot" feeling (at least for me).
    • Small Portable Mixing Desk
      By mickeyj4j · Posted
      1. Mic, 2. Instrument, guitar, bass etc, 3. Electric foot drum. At the moment I have a cheep mic mixer. In my old line 6 micro spider amp I have 2 inputs one for guitar other for mic.  I plug the mixer into mic channel. I made a guitar amp from a 12v car sub woofer. Modified as via this tutorial acoustic amp. This works well for instruments and my stompbox but vocals suck. Using a desk with xtra eq helps when I tested with my guitar pedal or using my older line 6 into the amp gives better results.   Also the mixer I mentioned in the topic is still fairly big. I did also say something small and portable like a 4 channel audio interface that I can also use for my busking setup would be good. Either powered by its own battery or an external. So would help if it was 9v or 12v. Most I seen arnt. 
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