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    • I do not mean to make it sound more complex than it is. The main intent was to let you know to get rid of preconceived ideas or sound preferences. They are what gets in our way of releasing constrictions and using the wrong muscles. Exercise and train with a purpose and sing for the pleasure. Use what the exercises teach you.
    • good advice.and dang, singing is so much more complex then what i thought it would be, good singers make it look easy, like they are not even trying. so its decided, i declare that all the good singers are not from this planet, they must be alien shape shifters!    all jokes aside, i seem to have created my own type of practice, what i have been doing is re-playing the first phrase of a song over and over and over, between each repeat, i attempt to simply mimic the phrase over and over, trying new things and such until i find a technique that sounds decent or at least better then all my other previous attempts. once i find something i like, i practice it over and over while trying to make it sound better each time i sing it.  do you think practicing this way will yield any good  results?   
    • Try a few things out from this video. There's no way I could create a definitive video to make up for the months of training it takes to gain coordination and strength with the right muscle groups. But this video goes over the very basics. It's a good starting point. However, nothing beats having a good coach to guide you through your particular voice and take you beyond short, basic videos. If you're truly serious about learning to sing, also check out The Four Pillars of Singing. There isn't a more comprehensive course out there, and certainly not at the price.  
    •     There are a lot of contradictions in learning and training to sing. One of the main ones that I have come across is that you do not want to manipulate the voice. Everything should be free and easy. In a sense this is correct BUT you need to control certain aspects and that is manipulation even if it is Relaxing certain muscles that get in the way while maintaining Control of muscles that want to let go.      The "Natural" timbre of your voice is do to tensions that you have adopted over the years. Your Accent, Pitch center, inflections, mannerisms. The same voice can sound like Don Knotts or Morgan Freeman. Truth be told you will not know how you CAN sound singing until you try different things. BUT, the main starting point is to get the correct muscles strong enough and the opposing muscles to let go.       Exercises have Reasons for doing them and goals to reach. A proper coach is best. If you are doing this on your own, at least find out the Reasons behind Exercises before doing them.
    • thanks for that info and video! this is exactly what i needed to know. i been going about singing totally wrong, no wonder i made 0 progress. i been focusing so much on trying to find a voice that works for me, im constantly changing my voice, trying new things, this causes me not to progress at all because i dont practice and improve a certain method for singing, i assumed that i would eventually stumble upon a method that sounds good with my voice, if i been focusing on improving one type of sound, im sure i would of made tons of progress by now.   and when u mentioned singing vowels, it made total sense to me because i have noticed that sometimes when i sing certain vowels they sound absolutely perfect, and in order for me to sing the vowels properly, i have to control the release of air in the right way to make it sound good, i think i may try to apply that method to all of my singing.   great video and info, will be of great help.
    • Singinng vowels are in a very sifferent spot than speech vowels. Singing has a variety of accents to choose from too, depending on how far forward or back you anchor your vowels. You can decide on the sound you ultimately want, and train for that sound specifically. Or you can stay the kack of all trades or at least learn how to manipulate your voice n those different ways to further your mastery of the voice.  Here's a video I show a lot of my newer students when they start talking about finding "their" voice. Note how he uses different vowel placements/accents, and the facial expressions (muscle configuratinos) to support them.