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    • Oh well... Something for you to think about and hopefully learn from: if you feel you have to hide your identity to do or say something, be it on the internet or other aspects of your life, you probably should not be doing or saying it.
    • I would like to request a review of my singing for free please.
    • Just leave 2 cats if you are going to act like a jackass. We don't need your type of attitude and mudslinging around here!!!
    • Cats: A man has a right to remove inflammatory posts about him in his own house. This is Rob's forum. Also, you've gotten extremely hostile towards him, and others on this forum. Again, his house, not yours. Would you put up with that in your own house? The reason I politely declined to be your teacher is because of your attitude towards people you don't agree with, your refusal to listen to solid advicee when it's put right in front of you and you asked for it, how quickly you call people names, assumption after assumption even when things were spelled out for you very clearly, and how a lot of conversations with you have been extremely argumentative. I don't accept students who act like you have on this forum. Rob also has the right to refuse business from you. I know Robert well, and I only know what I've seen on the forum about you. I know the story from both points of view, because Robert and I have talked about it on multiple occasions. I would bet a large sum of money that your view of what happened between the two of you is largely misunderstood, skewed by assumptions and anger, and likely not at all how things truly went down.  I've been a business partner to someone who used shady business practices and tried to make the world revolve around him. I'm extremely sensitive and wary of people like that now. I can say with full confidence that Robert is not that type of person. Between what I know of Robert, the situation between the two of you, and from what I've seen overall with how you react to things (e.g. the forum error that bought upon this thread with full force name calling), I can very confidently say that your assumptions about each and every thing you brought up are completely off base.  You can choose to believe what you wish. I hope you truly check your assumptions and attitude first, but after this thread, I'm happy to see you leave.
    • Computer error, well I have to say I don't believe a word of it now and hear is why. For one of the 3 shit for brains who has been quietly observing there deleted post and threads think that this was a deliberate attach.
      Ask my opinion, then he did not like the way certain topics of conversation where going so he decided to say (*auto edit*) the lot of you, don't have time for you all and press the delete button on everything anyway. Like he did when he did not like what I said about him in the last user named account and banned the account. And I very much imagine he will do the same with this account because now I am going to reveal my real gripe to you all about him.
      A while ago I purchased the four pillars from him and was unable to gain access to the site and he agreed to refund me but never did and never answered my emails after that
      and I had to go to my credit card company to get the refund back. At that time I seriously considered sacking this forum off but he sent me an  apologetic email after this and said he was offering my the product to me for free now. Which was not true anyway because I could not get access to it anyway. But I continued to use the forum and said nothing about this to anyone in public well now I am and he is a bloody con man! We have a saying on this side of the pond and its called "cowboy" now a cowboy over hear dose not ride a cow or hours and wear a hat or is a farmer. It just a bent dodgy trades man someone who will rip you off and it comes from the American term of an old fashioned cowboy; someone who would ride into town rob all the gold and gallop off into the sun set singing yehar, bit like a gypsies really. So I should have gotten out of this forum back then and learned the lesson once bitten twice shy really.
      But Felipe I am not saying I have been treat like shit but I am saying that the community hear as a group have been shit on by one mans idiotic ludicrous and reckless actions and you asked me to let you know how I get on well you too are a member of said community and know who I am there and can see it all for your self. But I did offer you business before for you to be my teacher and to teach me what you could but you declined the offer. I also made you the offer Draven as well but you too declined. But there is no way I would of made the offer to a con man like this person though. And its an issue like that then has steered me away from signing up to the premium review me singing account.   Now back to the community at large and being shit on, there is a young lady hear that uploaded her song in the premium section that had it removed and she had to re submit it. The fact that she had paid for it is (as I said before) discussing!   But I notice that the community spirit is out in full fighting form and for the great man himself (butter would not melt LOL) because I see you are all back posting again. Well just remember this while you are all playing his game, soon as he dose not like what you think or the way you look and talk or the color of your money is not enough for his greed; he will indeed pull the rug from under your feet and once again and you too will be shit on and suffer the berdon; you have been warned!
    • If you provide a sample of your singing showing the issue on songs it may be possible to help. The problem piece and the ELP song would be perfect.