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    • I don't have time to listen to it, but I do want to comment on one thing. Don't ever let someone tell you that "you're not cut out for it", whether singing or anything else you would like to do. It's BS. If someone says that, then they're either being mean, are lazy and don't like working for what they want to achieve, or just plain ignorant about how things work (and too lazy to find out).
    • Sorry yes it is the horn and not the flute, but ever time I try and sing the first part of that melody against my pitch meter I am to sharp or to flat; so this dose not work for me!
    • You have to be careful and check the actual recording you are familiar with. You cannot rely on tablature or sheet music. Sheet music and tablature are usually written in a key that is easier to follow instead of being consistent with the most popular recording. On this particular recording the beginning notes are Bb C C# (Yes, I did have to check with my guitar and I tuned the guitar to an electric tuner.). This is one of the drawbacks to this method. Even a separate or different recording by the same band could be in a different key because of wanting a new approach to the song or the singer is getting older and cannot sing the same as earlier in their career. Edit. The first notes are played by the flute. That is what I was following. The first note by the horns is a C. So it also makes a difference in the instrument that catches your attention. 
    • MDEW, so in your approach, are you surgesting is that i don't try and learn new keys because I already have those notes stored inside my head stored with other songs and themes. I read something on the net along the lines of they use the first part/ note of a well famous theme, to do this I am sorry I do not recognize your song, but the theme of the most famous UK soap orera coronation street starts with middle C  So I am wondering if I practice singing stuff like this if it will give me the ability to remember the note middle C? I need to remember all the notes from C3-C5 and not just be able to hear them but be able to sing them as well. I wonder if there is a web site out there that lists a group of famous songs for each note
    • I would take a different approach. Use a song that you are extremely familiar with. One that you can hear(in your head) the specific artist singing AND the one you always sing on key  without the music. THEN find out what those notes are.  For example. John Denver's "Country Roads....It is played in the key of A. The first words are "Almost Heaven". The notes are E  E  F#   E.    another example: George Thorogood "Move it on over: Key of G "Came in Last night"     G G B D........ Associate with something you know. 
    • Evening all Now having read stuff online about this. I heave read that only people who are born with the ability to be pitch perfect can decipher the difference from one note to another. But I know that this is not true because I know people that can tell the difference from say a G# to an A from hearing the note and they never could at a very young age they have just learnt and taught music for a lot a lot of years of practice. Now I know if I keep hearing the sound of say C3 and then I keep repeating that note, eventual I will remember how to produce a C3 with out a reference sound. But being able to cipher the difference between a C to a C# or a Cb, how could one tell the difference. So I guess the question is, is there a better way to remember the difference between one semi tone to the next other then just playing it and singing what you have just heard over and over again? Thanks
    • Welcome Kimika, Click on "Guaranteed Singing Reviews" on the menu above or click "Add to cart" (below). Our coaches, our singing experts, and our members will be pleased to help you. Respectfully, Adolph
    • So, I'm really not a singer at all. I don't know anything about it! However, I would just like feedback on if my voice is good enough to pursue singing and get lessons. I'm also kinda sick, so this doesn't sound too great, lol. I just don't want to pay for lessons just for them to tell me that I'm not cut out for it. Again, I'm not a singer, so while I appreciate all feedback, I probably won't understand anything super detailed. Also, pls excuse my gaelic pronunciation and my voice breaking here and there, my throat hurts like hell ^^
    • And have you been to see your doctor about this?
    • My voice sounded hoarse and i couldn't hit some high notes. Maybe it's from overuse though.
    • Hello, Just my two cents here.  I've experienced burning in my throat for about a year which was only a problem on days when I used my voice often.  (I'm not working a present so this is mainly volunteering work where I visit shut-ins and stay and talk for 1-2 hours.  It also occurred when I was renting out two properties at different times and I had to talk a lot on the phone with prospective tenants.  I have had GERD for 20 years.  Well controlled on Aciphex (like Nexium) it's a PPI (Proton Pump inhibitor) that can stop a good deal of acid in the stomach from moving into the esophagus  I often take the meds only 2-3 xs a week but the last year I could tell that it wasn't well controlled.  In the interim, I started eating only one meal a day (supplementing breakfast with a protein shake).  I believe that contributed to a sudden intense burning not only with talking but EVERYDAY.  My Gastroenterology put me on several medications.  The aciphex (PPI) can take  a month or so to work effectively so she also put me on prescription strengh Pepcid (20 mg twice a day) in the hopes of getting the acid down.  When the burning continued after 10 days, it was my family doctor who suggested Carafate.  (It's been around for 40 years and not well used today).  It works VERY WELL to relieve the burning - but it's kind of a pain in that you must wait an hour after taking it to eat or take other medications.  You can't take it for two hours if you've eaten SO you have to really coordinate things....a little price to pay for burning relief.   GERD:  My Gastroenterology said that ANYONE who is having throat burning should see an ENT (I did but she only saw mild inflammation on Vocal cords most likely to the acid reflux.  BY THE WAY - I had NO other symptoms which was odd because I always have either bad heartburn or dysphagia (where food feels like it gets stuck).  THESE are classic signs of GERD (a more damaging degree of "acid reflux".  The ENT has me going to Voice Therapy twice a week which I started today.  I've had NO BURNING for last 5 days (again Carafate really helps with this) but four hours after speech therapy (lots of talking and voice exercises the burning was intense! THE IMPORTANT PART AND THE REASON I"M SHARING:  If you have burning and your ENT doesn't find anything causing it, you should see a GASTROENTEROLOGIST.  You should agree to go onto acid reducing medications BUT ONLY for a short time (10-12 days).  You should absolutely get relief by 10-12 days and if the burning continues it's CRITICAL that you have what's called PH Monitoring (the BRAVO test is most recommended).  This test which is well tolerated by most involves having a tiny fiber optic tubing inserted in your nose and into your throat.  Sounds weird BUT if you can tolerate the ENT doing a quick 30 second scope to see Vocal Cords, you can tolerate this.  I get it done without numbing agent because it's so quick and absolutely painless.  If you need to be numb - go for it!!!!  The PH Monitoring will tell your Gastro IF the reflux is CAUSED by 1) Acid Refux  2) Non Acid Reflix or 3) Bile.  These are ALL treated differently so if the test shows NO ACID REFLUX you can immediately come off all the acid reducing medications.  I have a friend who had this done and discovered his "REFLUX" is caused by a non acidic fluid.  This is more tricky to treat and takes a little more time and patience.  He didn't know about Carafate so he's planning to try it to see if he gets some relief.  Also BILE reflux (often with folks who've had gallbladder removed or are very heavy) is another type of reflux and it also tricky to treat but you really NEED TO KNOW what's refluxing up into your esophagus and throat.  IF IT"S ACID - lots of things to try but you REALLY should go on a GERD diet (stay away from alcohol and chocoloate and big heavy meals 3-5 hours before bedtime.   There's also ANOTHER problem that can mimic GERD symptoms  and if your PH Monitoring doesn't show reflux you may have a "stomach motility" issue.  That's unfortunately another test BUT well worth it to get to the root of your problem.  It's treated with Baclofen a medication works very well for spacisity (patients with MS etc) use it.  For some reason it has worked will with folks whose stomachs are not moving the food out quickly enough.   TO recap:  If the ENT does not find the "REASON" for your throat burning don't just ASSUME (Or let your doctor) ASSUME it's acid reflux.  My doctor immediately ordered the PH Monitoring after 10 days of several GERD meds not resolving the problem.  Having it next week AND cannot wait although I'm a little anxious about wearing a small cord up my nose for 24 hours...None the less I've made the decision to get through this as I know the answer may soon follow!!!!   Sorry for the length but I'm reading SO many forums where people suffer for years and their doctors NEVER suggest any of these tests!!!!  Good luck with getting your problems resolved.         
    • In the other topic you posted that I replied to, you asked about nodules and now you ask about permanent vocal damage. What is your problem?
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