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    • Vocal Training: Online Courses in Singing Techniques. Your 10-Step Cheat Sheet for Learning How to Sing
    • Vocal Training: Online Courses in Singing Techniques. Your 10-Step Cheat Sheet for Learning How to Sing
    • I've never been on Britain's got talent but I was on American Idol and I had a friend on the voice. However, I assume it's similar to those. Basically, you become their product. the contestants signing in most cases know fully well what they're signing but that doesn't make them any less crazy.
    • Hey Bayloydi, Sorry for the delay. I have been consumed with the Vocal Athlete Intensive here in Seattle. Thanks for your patience. Great that you are videoing your singing.. you get more information and learn more that way. Don't put your hands in your pocket, it is bad form. you need your hands to express yourself and give you physical balance. It also looks super amateur when you do that. Do you want people to think your bored when your singing, or that your into it?  Get your hands out of your pockets! I like the way you maintain the resonance on your "with you"s... you maintain the compression through that phrase and that could be a part of the song that would give a lot of people problems, but you intuitively knew to maintain that narrowed position and keep resonating. VERY GOOD! Your rhythm and feel for groove is great. Your intonation is pretty darn good as well. A few spots are a hair flat, but overall.. really good. I don't have a lot of critique feedback for this other then pointing out what I liked. I think your a great singer and this performance was very well done. VERY WELL DONE BAY! Are you from the Philippines ( just a hunch )?  Where are you located? Do you have a voice coach? What is your story? 
    • I've seen a couple of these videos - usually just a bunch of clueless 20 year olds who don't know how the world works. You don't get something for nothing. The talent show route allows the contestants to, theoretically,  bypass the grind of building an audience or following at a grass roots level and get massive exposure instantly. That comes at a price. I bet if you have, say, 100K subscribers on YT or an existing music career you can negotiate different terms. The more you bring to the table the more power you have. This contract is a catchall for the bedroom singers and pub crooners. Anyway, contestant X goes on the show, and fails early. After a year of getting over the crash to earth they start releasing music and performing are the entertainment companies really going to persue them for ownership of content? I doubt it, unless they try and use the fact they've been on a talent show in their publicity, they're all ready yesterday's chip paper.
    • So I know many hear would like to put things like this to rights, so hear is a good video of how to ruin ones career      
    • Hi, I'm 18 years old and I wonder what my voice type is, so I can make proper repertoire choices. I lowest note I ever sung was F#2, the highest E6. My lowest notes are A2 - C3, and they often fade away depending on whether I'm sick, dehydrated or fatigued. Usually I sing from D3 to F4. If you need to hear me, I've got some singing samples on the blog below. I'd love to hear your opinion. Thanks! Link:  
    • I could not view the chart for some reason. One main problem is that a video like you posted is itself a form of propaganda. That is not to say that I agree or disagree with what the video is trying to express. Just that the intent of the artist may not be what is presented to the world at large.  I would consider myself a Christian. The way the world views Christianity today is not what I believe in.  In this day and age Christians are presented as  bigots, racists, extremists  and hostile to anyone who thinks differently than they do. On the other hand satanists are presented as caring, accepting of others belief systems and helpful to alternative life styles. They believe that whatever you deem as good is good. There is no good and bad.  What I am saying here is that any point of view can be twisted or presented in a good way or bad way. Jennifer Lopez herself may have had pure intentions and was trying to get other artists to think about the way they and their Music or other art form is presented.  My personal opinion is that it is a sad day when a video of a child's talent show where the child turns into a vampire and the audience is praising satan gets an award for best video.  But that is just my opinion and many even in this forum would rather see and hear that than to watch or listen to a Jim Croce Concert. But that is just my opinion.
    • But those 2 examples you gave of drugs and American works is a typical political message is that first it sounds all good and well and it is for our best intrest but as ever there is always a hidden agenda to bring us harm and corruption   This chart would explain it in more detail  
    • Condenser microphones are more sensitive than dynamic ones. That means unless you are planning to scream into a mic on stage, a condenser microphone is your choice. I had MXL V67G. Thanks to the low price and USB connectivity MXL V67G is a popular choice.
    • Hey I just started to sing and would love to get some feedback on how my voice sounds. Here's a snippet of a cover I did to Without You by Spooky Black (Corbin). Thanks!  
    • I want to say 2 things. 1 this is not a forum to discuss this type of subject. 2. I do believe music is a source for inspiration and catharsis (relieving pent up emotions and relieving stress). Our "Heroes" and "Idols" do effect the way we think and their views can be used for good or evil. Just as one group can use their "Music" to sway an opinion another can also use the same platform to promote another view. And the audience will also interpret the same speech in different ways. My example is Lynyrd Skynyrd. 2 of their main songs were against Taking Drugs and Gun violence, but instead they were used or perceived as some sort of anthem to those who take drugs and gun advocates. "Ooh, That Smell" and "Mr. Saturday night Special" . Another thing to remember is that we all have differing opinions of what is good and what is bad. I for one do not drink or take drugs. Personally I believe that it robs you of your own ability to discern truth and retain your own moral standards. Others believe that it frees you from your own feelings of oppression and lets you "See" things more clearly. Where I would rather not be around Drinking and drug use others would see it as being stifled and their right and freedom to partake of the drugs being suppressed.    Some of the most well known and respected pioneers of American music got their start through protest movements. And many believed they were doing a good thing fighting for rights of american workers of all nationalities.....They did not realize that they were paving the way for corporate takeovers, Mob families and further oppression of american workers. The protesters were not evil. Those who used the protesters ideology against them were.  You have the same thing with Rap, Metal, Punk, Blues.......You name it......The beginnings were Real people expressing real views. Either telling of their experiences, struggles or fears. What you have now is Corporations exploiting those views and making them into something other than the original vision.   
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