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  1. It's a shame this entire thing is extremly vowelmodified then hehe, Cmon All the Ah vowels are Uhhh shaded. I dont think i heard any pure vowel only Ah with diffrent shades of Uh. Great singer however probably great coach aswell
  2. Well its kindo simple really, if two things does not sound the same it's not the same. you might or might not feel a similar feeling when singing rock or classical but the outcome is totaly diffrent wich is why we are having this discussion in the firstplace. makes sense?
  3. nah the covering im talking about is not the same in classical and pop/rock. I also belive many rocksingers specialy heavyrock dudes use more mass then classical. Atleast the singers ive heard, just because your singing with a darkersoundcolor (lower larynx, lifted palate) doesnt mean your useing more or less vocalfoldmass
  4. Haha it's kindo funny you say so, ive just trained abit with a classical coach who trained with several masters he says the other way around lol. He said singing highnotes with a cover is much easyer and less demanding then the more rocktype of singing. Perhaps it's individual?
  5. So basicly you have a teacher that cant hear pitch... Thats a good sign... Not ><
  6. Pretty good article, but I think your out abit on the deep with what the voice can or cant do. Our voices are very big and some are capable of belting or singing chest very high. However a good blend is something all good singers should be capable of. Btw anychance we could hear you do all these things mentioned? We have had many chases of coaches claiming Pavarotti is doing X like My method. And then When they show it's not anywhere close Cheers
  7. Not to be a bitch but pavarotti adam lambert are not similar at all -.-
  8. This thread kindo reminds me of the mantra Felipe usually talks about on skype " There's nothing more powerfull in the world then a mothers touch" - Felipe Carvalho 2016
  9. Haha why do you always counter my trollattempts with that monkey?! You know i cant find a better one, well played master
  10. Mics are great just set the gain on full and sing fullout!= more DB
  11. Aww comeon guys power is about having as much db as possible everyone knows that! There is only one dynamic and that is fullout! BOOM Baby
  12. If you manage your technique your range and tessitura will become alot better. If i compare myself now as 30 to when i was 16 i can sing about two Octaves higher. My voice is a deadcentre mediumsized male voice
  13. Exactly, as i said it doesnt work that way Look saruman(christopher lee)doesnt have a big adamsapple guess he's a tenor then oh wait...
  14. It doesnt work that way, just because your adamsapple is big doesnt mean your voice is low or Will get lower.
  15. it doesnt matter the feeling that is, just do the vowel. how it feels like when you do it, remember that feeling probably doesnt feel the same to everyone. When i talk about forward or backwards placement here is not the same as the Tvs vowels wich Robert points out, this is more of a trick or onset you can use to get above that particular spot. This position sucks in the lowrange, but when you do it uphigh add some twang then we are talking edit: Just listen to the sample and repeat its nothing more then that, the vowel im talking about sure aint edgy and if you go down that route youll lock up again