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  1. Do I Really Have A Crap Voice?

    No you dony have a crappy voice, sounds good. But i would guess you should work abit on your confidence, why? cause there wioll always be people who dislike your voice regardless of how good you get! Heck i i sometimes get to hear i dont sound good and im bloody amazing so chill and have fun
  2. Pyramaze- what lies beyond

    Thanks Ron, yeah it's good to try new things hah thats how you get better
  3. Pyramaze- what lies beyond

    Thanks man glad you liked it
  4. Me tackling some progressive metal! Thanks to kristoffer for the amazing backtrack and guitar
  5. Pssst Ronws, It's Rob who decides who get those pins(i thought you knew)
  6. Yeah thats true Rob i agree with you, but im just hinting at we cant judge his coachingskill or teaching talent by just this track alone. Being good at singing at teaching sure is connected but are also two seperate skills it's mostly that i wanna highlight. Even though the problem you and Kevin describes are real and exists I dont think this guys intention is to join you guys in the big clash of titans in vocalprograms well just my two cents, btw the new mix on behind diverted eyes sounds killer
  7. There's alot of error sure but havent we all done such? Is it fair to judge this hard on only this? I dunno guys just my thoughts
  8. There are some small spots that are just alittle bit off, but the entire thing sounds really really awesome! Didnt now girls could sing songs like this impressive Great job Filippa
  9. Weird it works for me, just try press play. I think youtube cut away an opening picture as i tilted my camera the wrong way
  10. Here is what i am hearing, your voice is struggeling because there is to big diffrence between your open and closed sounds. More importantly the narrower vowels, and that entire line is just a pingpongmatch between open and closed vowels. Buuuhht Laaahhiiiihhfs nAaat a Wheeeeel wiihth Chaaahhnge mAaaaiihhhd Ohhhf Steeeeeeeeel try this, a simple "trick" i personaly use When singers and songwriters tends to gimme the short stick and throw in to many consonants
  11. Practicing Eye of the Tiger

    Well done man... Well done... ;)
  12. Should I give up singing?

    I just think this is a weird question, singing/music is superfun If you dont like it then stop, but if your one of those who dream of becoming the next Justin Bieber and judge If you should go on or not... Well I just find that childish Singing is a passion, IF you got that passion or not noone here but you can tell cheers
  13. Heaven and hell - second try

    No problem man, I did very similar to your clip for a long time and this solved alot of issues so much easyer to both sing and stay on pitch when the closed vowels are similar to the open ones, get alot of success with this with My students aswell cheers
  14. Heaven and hell - second try

    Hey man i heard it, your close but your vowelmods are abit all over the place wich throws it abit pitchy. Try this, im hearing that your closing down abit to much on the closed vowels specialy the ih/ee vowels.