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  1. Great to see you are back. One thing though, you forgot to link.the video.
  2. It has been a while since I have posted anything. If you have any comment good or bad let me know. Thanks.
  3. I finally had the opportunity to record this again, Let me know if I did better or worse. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Draven, I have embraced my identity more as a story teller than a singer. Jim Croce, James Taylor, Jackson Browne along with Dylan and John Prine. I dropped the key from Bb or B to G so the highest note as I sing it is G4 staying away from the dreaded passaggio. As I mentioned above after watching other people perform this on acoustic I thought I had been singing it a bit too heavy. With any luck I will be able to rerecord this evening with the suggestions that you and Robert made along with my original approach before being influenced by the way others have presented this. I have been trying to get a handle on my dipthongs for some time now. I grew up with Bluegrass/Country gospel. Part of their appeal is a thin piercing sound. It goes well with the Banjo and fiddle but leaves a little to be desired for other types of music.
  5. Thanks for listening. To be honest I ran through this song quite a few times trying different things. My first approach was heavier and more matter of fact rather than soft. I viewed a few covers by other people to get a handle on the acoustic guitar rhythm. Most of the other singers used a lighter approach and I guess I let myself be influenced by them. I will rerecord this and see how it goes.
  6. I already registered. I hope I do not miss this one. It seems to run pretty smooth with 2 or more coaches. If someone loses direction the other can pull him back in or explain things a little differently.
  7. It has been a while since I have presented anything. I still have not found time for true practice but I have improved since receiving the FOUR PILLARS OF SINGING. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Awesome job, Robert and James. These webinars seem to flow pretty smooth when you have two people who can bounce ideas back and forth. More like a conversation between the two of you that we can follow along with rather than a lecture to listen to. I am looking forward to the next one.
  9. I tried to register a few times. No response made it to my Email or spam folders. I used the link provided in the beginning of this thread. Maybe that was the problem
  10. I registered but did not get a confirmation Email or link to join in.
  11. Singing is hard to write about, especially when it is about tone. I do not really hear anything wrong with the tone, but then again it all depends on what style of music is behind the singing. In these examples you are singing word for word with distinct stops between each word, like each word is a separate note. In some styles that is good but with others it is bad. Think of singing in terms of phrasing. There is not a hard stop between words but a continuous flow, unless of course if the song calls for that. The voice is another instrument. When you are playing a lead on the guitar do you stop each note before you play another? or are you playing four or five notes in succession with some of the notes sustaining? At the same time you are also expressing an emotion with your voice. Using dynamics to express the feeling. When you are happy and expressing love for someone do you yell at them like you are mad? Not if you want them to return the feeling. You use a soft tone when expressing love and a Harsh tone when expressing Pain or anger. Phrasing can be thought about like that also. Slow and melodic for expressing love and quick and blunt for anger or pain. These are just guides to give you a different way of thinking about singing.
  12. In a recent thread you were asking about TONE or TIMBRE, A change in tone or timbre will require other changes to your singing. Before, you were allowing your voice to do what was needed to get the pitch without being conscious of the tone.
  13. I would not have been as worried if It had not been in conjunction with those other things. Cat scratch Fever will cause swelling of the Lymph-nodes in the neck and under the arms. I have not had other symptoms associated with this. The Mystery Meat was given to us by a friend who had extra meat in the freezer, He did not know what it was either and we put it in the crock pot until the temperature reached 170. It tasted OK but I could not guess what it was. Ticks around this area carry Lyme's disease. Which also causes swelling of the lymph-nodes. Along with other Bacterias and viruses. This does not seem like the Lymph-nodes are swelling- small individual bumps- but a swelling of the entire area. Soft tissue between muscles, not the muscles themselves. I do not feel any lumps under the tissue................
  14. Years ago, I would Mimic Wrestlers doing interviews. I had Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage down to a tee. At the time it was pretty funny. I am only 5'7' at 130 lbs. I would Use Hogans voice in a commercial for "Weight Loss"............. " I used to be 350 Pounds Brother.......till I started Taking Ultra Slim Fast".................. Anyway, What I did to Get Randy Savages Voice was to hold my teeth and Jaws Tightly together "OOOOH Yeah" "To THe Top!" .............. What this did was tighten all of the muscles in the neck and I got a similar swelling then. I kind of knew what caused that. My problem with this swelling is that I do not Know the cause. But there are two or more serious health problems that can cause a similar effect. This started a month and a half ago around the same time I started being able to really use the voice aggressively. I was bit by a tick, I ate "Mystery Meat", Was Clawed by a Cat and spent about a month in over 98 degree temperature in an upstairs apartment with no AC add to that low grade tooth infections. If it was from any of those there could be serious implications. I cannot seek medical treatment at this point. If it might be from over taxing soft tissue that has not been used in decades, I could feel a little easier about the problem.
  15. I doubt that this has anything to do with training the voice but there is the possibility. I am a small skinny guy 130 pounds tops all my life. I have not been training aggressively but using more support more twang and cord closure. The issue is this, I have noticed that the soft tissue around my neck is swollen, also under my armpits. Normally my armpits are concave and there was a dip between the collar bones and sides of my neck. These areas are now puffy and convex. Earlier in life while working out with shoulder shrugs(holding weights) and other exercises meant to strengthen the neck and shoulder muscles this also happened. That was expected and looked for. Can just using more aggressive singing and stronger support cause these issues?