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  1. Etta James, At Last - vocal cover

    I missed the part that those who registered were RnB singers. The first time through I listened to the entire video, The other times I repeated after the music ended. Usually, when I work on a song, there is some direct relation to my life. I may work on "At Last" after my car is finally straightened out after replacing wheel bearing after wheel bearing when the problem began with leaking seals that cost 4 dollars each. 4 months later the cause has still not been found.
  2. Etta James, At Last - vocal cover

    Great job Draven. What made you decide to sing "At Last" ? Any special reason or just something that would seem fun to sing?
  3. Falsetto does not suck. Even those awesome sounding guys who sound like they are screaming a G5 and above are using falsetto to do it. They have trained how to use it.
  4. So tired of being a baritone

    And that is part of your problem. It is not about "Effort" singing the notes. It is more about relaxing muscles that get in the way. It is said that Singing in headvoice actually takes less effort and Air than using falsetto. Trying too hard brings more muscles that are not needed and gives less control to ones that are needed. You are actually beating yourself up for the wrong reason. High Baritones and baritones in general are the ones that have more character in their voices than true Tenors. They have more frequencies that can be generated and controlled. Let's take a few tenors, Peter Cetera, Steve Perry, Christopher cross, Geddy Lee....... Just try to imagine them singing anything from Aerosmyth, Deep Purple, Bad Company, Bob Seger, ...... Most of the time to get any thickness to the voice they have to use some kind of distortion or doubling of the vocal track in the recording. Baritones can sing those high notes, it is a matter of training to get control over your voice and tenors have the same problems when it comes to the passaggio notes. Sure it may seem easier when your full voice already sounds like falsetto but you get more control with the full voice than you can get with falsetto. And on that note( pun intended) If you can sing an E5 in falsetto you can sing an E5 in full voice(full being connected head voice, not meaning shouting).
  5. Make My Own Way (my first single)

    The song sounds great and you look and sound awesome. The best advice I can give is tell you not to sign any contracts that take away your rights to your songs and other personal rights. That has a habit of happening in the music business. Other than that God bless and keep on singing......
  6. Google Leaves "Auto-Tune" In The Dust!

    Yeah, They are trying to sell something....and I am not buying it. I searched for Jeep parts in November....90% of the advertisements I get are still for Jeep. I do not need that anymore. I did not need it the day after I did my search. Now the Ai believes that I am only interested in Jeeps because of its own interference and projecting what it thinks I need and want. As for Karma police.....Many things that were good and accepted in the 70's are now bad and many that were considered bad and unacceptable are now good. It depends on who are making the rules at the time. I don't think they are trying to sell us what we want but trying to sell us on the idea that we want what they have decided to give us. Take for example(Bringing music back into the thread) The Beatles and the BeeGee's. Two bands that dominated the music industry in their day. How to get back in the game of selling your music? Discredit the dominating bands. Burn your Beatles albums because John said in an off the cuff remark "We are now more popular than Jesus". A true statement at the time but it did not need to be played to death by the music industry and advertisers. "Disco is Dead" burn your BeeGee's albums......The following year the BeeGees still dominated the charts. It was just that other artists were singing songs written and produced by the BeeGees.. : Keven Ash said: "and I thought it was funny that the first thing I think of is how now ( soon ), any person who can mimic the singing mannerisms (a good impression of their articulation) of a famous singer, and has decent rhythm (those are "some" of the most basic skills), could turn on the effect and now, out of the speakers comes the Artist of their choice (on a drop down menu no doubt ) Dio, Mercury, Jackson, Elvis, take your pick! Actually having vocal cords that sound like the artist no longer required to book a tribute band gig! feels like a step beyond pitch correction to be sure. Just fun with toys to me however, I know there are purists who might find this a disgusting perpetuation of a digital cancer on musicianship." No doubt that today's music is highly digitized, Being that all recording is made on a computer you cannot get away from it. Even if you do get Live musicians who actually play an instrument that is being recorded it still has to go through digital processing to achieve the balance of instruments in the final product, let alone all the sound effects we are used to at this point. Using digital sounds as part of the composition is not a bad thing. Using the same effects or underlying beat may be, but then that is pretty much the definition of a genre.
  7. Google Leaves "Auto-Tune" In The Dust!

    I am not holding Ai responsible. I am holding those implementing Ai responsible. You want a certain type of data? Fine. Search within the confines of those particular sources. No need to cross into random subjects and commentaries. And no need to save Twitter comments for the last 7 years. It was just announced that Twitter will no longer archive ALL comments. Why archive them at all? You have to agree for these parties to use the information gathered from your use as they see fit. This includes any random words heard by the "device" while in use, and being that it is voice activated it means everything within recording distance of the device. And these recording are archived for the logarithms to access. And this is one of the biggest issues with Ai. Especially the ones programmed to "Learn" for themselves. Their "Learning" is from random individuals who know as much about the subject they are speaking on as I know about how to program Ai. Worse yet is if they are "Learning" from specific information that is supporting one point of view that is in the interest of those developing it. More than likely...they are......
  8. Google Leaves "Auto-Tune" In The Dust!

    I didn't mean to take us off track of the musical topic, but... Scientists are already talking about Ai reaching a singularity point. Most internet type companies (facebook,google, youtube) along with news feeds etc are using Ai based logarithms to "Sensor" comments and videos on those things mentioned. They are basically plugged into each and every computer, TV, Elexa,cortana, smart phone, tablet these new smart speakers and ANY device that has voice recognition software and access to internet. Those computers and devices ARE the neurons and connections of Ai. For them the goal IS for Ai to "Think" for itself. Quantum computers and 5G connected to each and every device with internet access IS the neural network. I am not saying this.....Scientists and those working on Ai and quantum computers are. I know that seems like a joke to most people but really give it some thought.
  9. Google Leaves "Auto-Tune" In The Dust!

    They were both artificial. A digital copy of an organic voice and a digital copy of a digital voice. Is it live or memorex(Old TV commercial) they sound the same or similar.......coming through a 4 inch tv speaker or radio...... In the case of a human deciding to use this technology for musical compositions it is no different than using a noise gate, reverb, autotune or midi drums. The part that I would be against is the whole artificial Intelligence feature coupled with in internet data base. Another false reason for others to collect our voices and words and use them for other unknown reasons.
  10. Musical Resolutions 2K18!

    During the summer I mentioned the thought of learning drums to a customer of mine, about a month ago he gave me an electric drum kit. Just a small thing but it does have the pads and floor pedals for a decent start. So far I have bruised my legs more with the sticks than I have beat the kit, but I have learned a few things in the process. At this point my goal is just to add a decent beat to some songs my brother wrote and recorded years ago. After that who knows......
  11. Musical Resolutions 2K17

    Awesome Robert. My own opinion is that the best teachers are the ones who are willing to learn new things for themselves.
  12. Google Leaves "Auto-Tune" In The Dust!

    Then why not just train to sing if you have to train to work the software. I have a big problem with Ai and quantum computers. These scientists believe that AI will be able to "Think" for itself using complex logarithms and such. They have too much faith in it and giving it too much control. At best the Logarithms are in themselves programs and rely on the initial programming, Even if the Ai is programmed to "Learn" or "Teach itself" it is supposed to be contained to certain perimeters. Once it jumps those perimeters or "Teaches" itself new truths, the "Programmers" are out of the loop. To bring this back into the world of Music and singing.....The AI may decide that your choice of Dio's voice may best be replaced with the voice of Celine Dion. Ai being the superior intelligence may keep over riding your input. We are already being blocked from our own choices on Facebook and youtube because of Ai driven logarithms that are supposedly censoring a specific type of unwanted programming while allowing other programming that is worse than what it is supposed to be blocking. Logarithms cannot replace human thought. Human thought may be faulty.....but that is the beauty and and the superiority of it. Those who are basically forcing Ai on us, not only believe but are also programming Ai with the "Belief" that it is superior. It is a computer therefore it cannot make mistakes.......Believe me...... Computers make mistakes and sometimes it is not their programming but physical malfunctions............
  13. Google Leaves "Auto-Tune" In The Dust!

    My mind goes first to the misuse of technology than the benefits. Having said that, with the fact that every computer and TV and phone are capturing your voice prints and your words and "Saving" them for "advertising" purposes.....I am sure that a proper combination of words and inflections could be found by this wonderful Ai/quantum computer to make a pretty good copy of anyone's voice for singing or other endeavors........
  14. Google Leaves "Auto-Tune" In The Dust!

    At fist I was just thinking about this as an effect pedal or plug in......But, if this Plugin were linked to the internet with an extensive data base, also with the other criteria you mention....a starting point of fair impersonation and timing you should get pretty good results.......Of course you have the flip side that it will also be used for destructive purposes by people with personal agendas......
  15. Google Leaves "Auto-Tune" In The Dust!

    This is along the lines of what I mentioned, You speak or sing the words and the signal is reconfigured to someone else's voice print. You still have the same problem as in singing. Vowels. The "Sampled" voice will use different vowel harmonics with the sampled voice as opposed to the human the sample is taken from. example. When I speak the words "From Washington to Baltimore" and used the Voice print of Robert Lunte the vowels and accent would be different if Robert spoke them himself. Anyone who knows myself and Robert would be able to tell which was the real Robert and which was the voice print Because I say those words differently. I do not know about Roberts diction but when I say "Washington" it comes out as "Warshing-ton" as opposed to someone else who says "Wash-ing-tin". My "Baltimore" is closer to "Bole-Ti-more" as opposed to "Ball-ti-mer". Those vowels would carry through the transmutated sample.