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  1. Did this Webinar happen? I lost my internet for a few weeks.
  2. On most of those songs there was too much processing and not my style to really hear your voice. I was able to listen to Stand by me. That sounded pretty good. It does show that you can keep a pitch and you have a pretty good tone in the lower range. To give you a perspective of other peoples opinion........My wife likes to hear me sing, But most of the songs I like she cannot stand the song itself. It is so frustrating to have someone who likes to hear you sing but constantly telling you to sing something else. So even if you have a good voice there are people who will not like it. It is just something that singers have to deal with. If you have a passion for singing keep doing it. Record your voice WITHOUT processing. Notice the things that you think sound good and those things that you do not like and go from there.
  3. I recorded this again, keeping in mind some of the suggestions. I changed the chord progression. It is not as easy as it seems to transpose a piano arrangement to guitar and had a few chords wrong. I left a little more room between lines in the second half of the song. It may match a little better than the beginning. Let me know which gives a better feel. if any........ Thanks.
  4. Thanks Draven, You are spot on with my R sounds. My Tongue flips up and my bottom lip curls in with the top teeth resting on bottom lip. I have been aware of the problems for a while but knowing the problems doesn't always lead to a direction to fix them. In those times when I think that I am adding flare or excitement more of the accent kicks in and everything starts heading towards an "Ih" center. I like the Idea of using movie and cartoon characters as a reference to sounds.( I had to look up the priest from Princess Bride) When I was told too many times that I sang through my nose with a raised larynx (After getting the advice that there should be nothing in the throat, resonance in the head and movement in the abs) Everything should be free and easy......I decided to be an ass and present the same song with the most constricted and manipulated low larynx sound I could think of.....A combination of Bullwinkle and Grandpa Simpson......The responce from the forum was "Whatever you are doing right or wrong keep doing it.". My conclusion was that the definition of Free and Easy is something different from "Free and Easy". I do not try to use that sound all the time. Maybe a little of it at times. The result may need to sound free and easy but there is manipulation involved, even if the manipulation is suppressing movements rather than initiating them.
  5. Thanks for listening. You are spot on with the groove thing. Elton plays this a tad slower.. I have not been able to lose this accent, It pulls me sharp on the Ah's and Flat on the Uh's. I have been thinking of vacationing in Minnesota for a while, maybe that will subdue this accent. Maybe that is a bad idea..
  6. No, It is a pitch issue. Singing in tune is staying on pitch. If sing a note too low or too high you are off pitch.
  7. Hello Gedas, One of the problems is that you are not singing in tune with the music. The music sounds pretty good and because you wrote the music I would I would assume that you can hear when instruments are out of tune or that a Bass line or piano part does not fit with the rest of the music. If I were you I would play the sung melody on the piano and then practice singing to match the pitch of the piano.
  8. I thought I would have a go at another Elton John song. Let me know what you think.
  9. Of course you are correct, avoiding the problem will not solve anything. Did the problem area sound any better in the first recording? Perhaps lightening on the mid areas will help lead to the G4. Or did I just end up with the same issue? I am still struggling with my Accent also. Words like Round and Clown mess with me while speaking. I am not sure whether my lips are trying to shape the vowel or if my larynx is the problem. I always tend to put an "Ow" in there. Like the sound you make when someone hurts you. Modifying the vowel/dipthong sounds wrong to me.
  10. Thanks for the responce Keven. Yes, I was sitting down while playing guitar and recording. Another problem is that I make these recordings around midnight while others are trying to sleep. My break is slightly below G4 and that is the note for "Fall in Love". I play this in the Key of G By the way. I have been having a bit of success by modifying to "F-Ah-L" rather than "F-aw- L". If I am going to go ahead and sing in M2 on that note I might as well raise the key to be further in my head voice rather than right on by breaking note.
  11. Just to be straight, do you want tips BEFORE you practice with the band? Kicking it with the band is the best way to go first. You and the band need to be in sync. Not you and your imagination or you and Karaoke. Record the band with you singing and without so you can practice at home with the recording. Or is the band not even going to work on it if they think you cannot sing it? Changing key is also an option if it is too high for you at the moment. What you presented here does sound like a solid starting point.
  12. Great to see you are back. One thing though, you forgot to link.the video.
  13. It has been a while since I have posted anything. If you have any comment good or bad let me know. Thanks.
  14. I finally had the opportunity to record this again, Let me know if I did better or worse. Thanks.