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  1. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    I'm back! Many things meant I couldn't really spend much time around these arts but now I plan to get my head back in the game. One of these things is the amount of gigging I've been doing as a solo singer. I've been singing a lot but I haven't really been "training" my voice. I came back to my progress thread to watch a couple of my videos and it seems I was just on the brink of discovering and maintaining notes at F4 and beyond. I have another gig this Sunday so will be preparing for that but as soon as it's out of the way I will return to my vocal training! In the meantime here's a montage clip of one of my gigs.
  2. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Hi all! I'm back in my thread to post a big update. Basically I went to a UK metal festival back in August and loved every minute. However, when I got home I felt very rough (too much partying to excess I fear! ) so my singing training was on hiatus for a while. Then I got offered my first gig as my newly launched solo acoustic act! Needless to say, I spent most of my time gathering a set together and rehearsing them to death. So really, even though I haven't necessarily "trained" over the last few weeks I've certainly spent a LOT of my time singing full songs, memorising lyrics, trying songs out in different keys, working on diction/lyrical interpretation and attending open mic night performances. The gig went really well and I have been invited back to play again. I'm starting to get a real buzz out of performing in front of people and feel like I'm learning something new each time I go out to play. In terms of vocal progress, some of the songs I performed included notes previously way out my comfortable range, namely a lot of F4s and even an F#4 reached with confidence. (Previous range was a struggled D4).
  3. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Thanks for taking the time to watch my video diary Ronws! It means a lot that people are following my progress! (This post was saved in the reply box below from many weeks ago! I mustn't have clicked "reply" )
  4. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    :-) My confidence in my voice has improved greatly throughout my time at TMVW. Video Eleven Very brief video of me sirening right over my bridge. Even though these are meant to be resistance training onsets I hope I'm OK practising them as lightly as I am. It all falls apart as soon as I add any kind of mass. I didn't forget those head shakes to keep me relaxed and not so "head titly"!
  5. solfege a song

    Not sure if I'm right but, since a relative minor key starts and ends at the 6th degree of the major scale, I would assume it would be La Ti Do Ra Me Fa So La EDIT: Doh, just read Killerku's post. Note to self: read threads before posting!!
  6. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    I woke up this morning feeling very positive. I'm singing the chorus to "My Hero" by Foo Fighters with no breaks in my voice. The vocal range of the chorus is D#4 - G#4. I can manage it if I sing it really small. I find I really have to relax and let my voice change gears to the head register. It's a very vulnerable thing to do and very counter intuitive as my mind is trying to tell me "Hey! you have to really push for those high notes!" but if I switch that off and let my voice relax I can manage it. Again, it's all very quiet at the moment but there is definitely vocal fold contact throughout the whole thing. I'm still intending on mastering Smoke on the Water though as I stated in my last video update! Yesterday I did a little bit of contract and release (not too much as Robert advises) and some dampen and release and attack and release. My primary aim right now is to work on resistance training in my head voice. I'm going to apply the above onsets to ascending and descending sirens.
  7. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Wow quick respnse Robert, I'll read it properly later, don't have time to take it all in right now!!... Here's the video!! Video Ten
  8. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Hi Elvis, that sounds like a great idea! Although I've never used Skype before, I'd have to set up an account and presumably search for your username on it? Thanks again Robert! I feel like I can confidently navigate through my passagio with full vocal cord connection now (video coming very shortly) and can sing some head tones without slipping into falsetto. It's a bit of a breakthrough for me as I used to only be able to siren through my bridge in falsetto mode. I'm going to apply it to my sirens during workouts.
  9. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Here's a little un-planned video. I was so excited I had to get it on film. Video Nine It's not perfect, but bear in mind when I started I was struggling to get past D4. There is no straining at all in the video, the higher notes feel like they come from my head.
  10. Jabroni's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Hi Jabroni, I'm really not qualified to make any kind of constructive comment on your vocals but I can wish you good luck on your singing journey! What are your long term singing goals?
  11. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    OK, I've been feeling really positive about my singing recently and am going out regularly to perform at open mic nights. My eventual aim is to gig as a solo musician supporting local unsigned acts. After a few more open mics to increase my repertoire, confidence and performance and I think I'm in with a chance of getting out there as a singer! I even now have a Facebook page (in very early stages) with a few live videos already added! This doesn't mean I've forgotten all about my vocal training. In terms of vocal progress I'm feeling very good. When I first got the program I was trying songs previously way out of my range. Even though I was still straining and not sounding very good, I felt I had the ability to at least try some higher notes and noticed they were achievable if I adapted some TFPOS technique to my previous "wrong way" of doing things. I was really excited to push myself and tried a lot of songs I previously couldn't begin to sing. It's safe to say I've calmed that down now and am more focused on singing the right way with as little tension as possible. This has taken the form of changing key of songs to accommodate my current range and randomly singercising during the day. I also sing a LOT in the car to music that is way out of my range and have applied the top-down mentality to those high belt notes. Things are waking up in my head resonances, twangs, vibrations. I'm just hoping that it gets stronger with use. I feel like doing sirens with this new feeling will be increasing my range in the proper manner without flipping to falsetto. As always thanks for all the input and tips you give me it helps a LOT! Video Eight
  12. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Thanks everyone! Update and video tomorrow!
  13. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Ronws, firstly thanks for the compliments on the cover, I'm heading out to perform that very song (among others) tonight and needed the confidence boost! It's comforting to learn that other singers choose to change key to suit their voices as for a very long time I believed that changing key to suit your voice meant you weren't "good enough" and your range wasn't fully developed. I'll definitely continuously attempt songs in their original key to keep myself focusing on my original goal of extending my range. Robert, thanks for popping in, I'll keep updating this thread as much as possible. I see that others started similar threads but don't seem to have continued for whatever reasons, so I'm taking it upon myself to not let this thread die and keep documenting my progress so others can follow the journey of a fellow TFPOS student! Today's practice session: Resonant tracking 5th sirens Bridging and connecting (Video below) Song rehearsal for evening performance Video Seven Getting back on track with actual vocal training today. That's not to say I haven't practised full songs but I specifically made time to run through TFPOS exercises first. I set up the camera and captured some of my bridging and connecting practice. I didn't realise my pitch was quite so all over the place until I watched it back and I am playing with the idea of making things really small when I reach my upper range. (I apologise for the audio sync problems. It's so annoying!)
  14. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Here it is... Sorry it took so long! Video Six Basically the point I'm trying to make at the start of this video is that, as my confidence in my voice has grown recently I have been going out and performing. This means that most of my current vocal practice takes the form of rehearsal.
  15. Anthony's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Thank for checking in, I will upload a proper progress video later today!