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  1. https://www.npr.org/2021/01/25/960299623/voice-author-explores-accents-language-and-what-makes-a-tone-sexy
  2. ok Felipe, I'm a tad confused. just for clarity; even though Johnson has got to be one of the most distorted high range voice (maybe the acdc main melodies don't require multiple high notes yet, I know he gets deeper than I can on the head voice pinnacle. I can't sing notes above D5 with good closure). . . . maybe G's&R's songs have more deep head voice main melody notes (?) not to mention the grit/distortion switch doesn't have an off position for Brian! So I would guess you are referring to "overall" vocal demand being more "aggressive" as in, more upper connected head voice, more grit and distortion effects. (?) Like I mentioned, I don't listen to G's&R's and would not go binge listening to discover these facts. peace, k
  3. really? hmmm. Everything I heard (video) of his acdc performances I thought were pretty good. Maybe I just missed the footage you've seen. I don't follow G's&R's so.... anyway, the weak falsettoish singing is just lame.
  4. He's been called the "greatest rock and roll singer of all time!" Some people agree, some don't. What's' new right? Personally he's not in my fav singer list. What I will say about Axl is, he has seemingly done very well maintaining his vocal health for the extreme style singing he does. His stint with AC/DC was impressive for sure! This is why I found this video interesting. Axl is not singing in full voice on all the high notes in this performance. He's using a semi-falsetto tone. Singers might do this for 2 reasons (I can think of), 1- They lost that region of their voice from screaming, coughing, nodules, or alcohol. OR 2- They may be on the edge of losing their voice from fatigue from excessive performances and/or singing improperly so, now he's trying to preserve his voice by being selective about what parts of the song he's willing to sing full voice (what he appears to be doing in this song). If he allows himself to heal (does some healing therapy vocalize), he should be able to sing full voice in the higher notes again. I guess I'm more of a purist on this, I'd say, "cancel the concert rather than sing like that, it sounds like shit!" I have found that any time I'm singing in the "high performance" realm of the vocal spectrum, I can be singing properly in every other way yet, if I don't engage solid appoggio (strong diaphragmatic support), my voice will still fatigue relatively rapidly! It is (in my experience) the number one defense (out of many) against vocal fatigue and damage!
  5. Hi Mallory, I only listened to the Manson video. First, I would ask you if you know what "Fry" vocal or pulse register is? If not, check out the Draven Grey video I've linked here. First, I would not consider the Manson example "screaming." It's more of a singing with grit. A very scratchy texture with just a bit of true tone underneath. One of several key coordinations you will need to master in this style of singing to avoid vocal damage is, "fry" vocal, or pulse register sounds. You will utilize "fry" vocal to layer over the pitch of your vocalization. It doesn't hurt, and causes no damage as long as you are ALSO correctly supporting the sound with proper diaphragmatic and respiration techniques. Let me know if you have other questions however, I highly recommend enrolling in either Robert Lunte's, or Draven Grey's online vocal course. Too often, singers want to just jump in head first to distortion, rasp, grit, and screaming vocal effects, without mastering the solid fundamentals of healthy singing techniques. Unless you are already an "advanced" skills singer, start at the beginning to strengthen and refine your sining voice THEN, explore the various "special effects" you can expand your abilities with! best, k
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