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Original Prog Rock - "Dreams Of Eternity"

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A work-in-progress mix of my latest song: "Dreams Of Eternity"

As usual, contructive criticism is welcome, or just "good job".

I was influenced on my singing approach and melody lines here by Robert Lunte's "Souls Of Silence". There's some classy guitar playing by my friends Rick Lamoreaux (USA) and Justin Elliot (UK). I enjoyed a thespian moment with the recital of the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost at the start. If you stick with it after the first 1'20 it gets a lot rockier!

I feel I am making gradual progress with vocals. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I am getting there. I was all overdrive and grit a couple of years ago, but I have more dynamic and technique now. Also my higher range comes much more easily.

The progress is due to many things: listening, practising, working with some good musos on good original material, doing courses (Ken Tamplin, Kevin Richards), and no little part due to this site and Robert Luntes free videos (I am a cheapskate). I think also what is helping is the acceptance that I am me, and not RJD, or Ian Gillan or any of those other heroes, but also that nobody sings like me, and maybe that's good and something I can work with.


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First off, I am glad you see the beauty in your own voice. And this is your strongest work, yet. Seamless and unified. Always do this. Even if you do another cover, do it like this.

I know I am always giving you a "good job." But you always do a good job. I am not an expert of singing and follow no particular "sound ideal." But I do spend hard-earned (trust me) money on music that I like and I would buy this. That's the biggest compliment I can give from my amateur perspective. Even if I was a professional singer. I would part with some cash to have this on an album. So, hurry and release. You And I are probably only a few ears apart and we ain't getting any younger. :)

Love the accent. I am trying hard to not beg you to record the exchange at the bridge in "Monty Python's In Search of the Holy Grail."

bridgekeeper: "What is your name?"

King Arthur: "King Arthur."

bridgekeeper: "What is your quest?"

King Arthur: "I seek the Holy Grail."

bridgekeeper: "What is your favorite color?"

King Arthur: "Blue."

bridgekeeper: "What is the average flying speed of an unladen swallow?"

King Arthur: "Is that african or european?"

bridgekeeper: "I don't know that. Ahhhhhhh ....." as he flies of the bridge.

nave: "how did you know to ask that question?"

King Arthur: "You have to know these things when you are a king."

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Thanks Ron and Chavie.

Ron: I think it is among my best so far. I have one perhaps even better in the pipeline, a prog rock epic which is almost 20 minutes long. I am Monty Python fan :)

Chavie: I was proud of the harmony work. Increasingly I think of "counter-point" when creating harmonies, so the harmony line moves in a different melodic direction to the main line. It adds to the listener's interest, and singer's challenge.

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Ron - you've got me thinking about Monty Python. I am thinking of doing "The Argument Cinic", rather than the Holy Grail. Watch this space.....

In the meantime, I have updated the above link with a slightly different mix. It 's still not final, it's yet to be properly mastered - this is was quickly mastered using a preset.

Here is the link repeated:

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"Brave, brave Sir Robin. He quickly ran away. He turned around, he ..."

"Stop saying that!"

"oh trees who until recently said "nee" ..."

"And now, it's time for the Holy Grenade of Antioch..."

I've watched all their movies a few too many times. My grandparents loved droll british humor. My wife liked "Keeping Up Appearances" and I liked "Fawlty Towers." You can never get enough John Cleese.

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Getting a "Good Job" from me is a bit of an anticlimax after hearing from Robert and Adolf.

But here it goes anyway. Good Job. :cool:

You've come a long way since the first song that I heard from you. Keep up the good work.

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MDEM - thanks, your comments matter to me :)

I find the feedback to get here on the site to be very supportive, and it helps to motivate me.

I have had got some good hints over the last 3 years from comments here on both my own work, and on others.

I like listening to others sing on the site, even though I dont always comment. Some correspondents here are dauntingly good - I am happy to share a stage with them!, and others are achingly bad - I am happy to share a stage with them aswell.

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Finally listened to the final mix. Awesome, of course. Spot on production. Your guitar player, on this, reminded me of the virtuosity of Glen Tipton and the melodic sense of Adrian Vandenberg. Those are the names that came to mind while listening.

And, of course, the singing, top notch.

People, this is how it is done.

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