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  1. China Girl David Bowie Cover

    Great cover and I liked how you approached. Listening in my car, I thought the vocals had a bit too much sparkle in the EQ. Then, I remembered, I adjust the eq in my radio to deal with radio and if I had left it flat for USB media, it might sound more balanced. Because, at work, where I listened to it first on some fairly decent desk top speakers, it was alright.
  2. China Girl David Bowie Cover

    I liked it a lot, too. In fact, I have d/l'd it to my flash drive so that I can hear it in my car on the flight home. Get on the tollway, set the cruise at 80, try stay awake, most times. But this should wake me up.
  3. "Crazy" - sung live by ellise

    I really liked it. Like I said before, you should be recording, releasing, and touring and obviously, you already perform in public.
  4. Vocal Rest Questions

    It is best to be well rested for singing but that differs for various people. Some, like me, can raise the roof first thing in the morning. Others do better halfway through the day. You don't have to take the day off just because you fell asleep on the bus, Unless you are looking for a reason not to practice. If the latter is the case, then you will find another reason to not practice. Next time, it will not be a cat nap on the bus, it will be what Hillary said, or Donald said. Or your shoelace loosened. Or you had to clean the cat's litter box. Instead, find a time to practice and follow that. The only time I would suggest not practicing or singing anything is when you have a cold or flu, something that is affecting your breathing or clogging up your sinuses.
  5. This is really good. You started out shaky and then found a good stride about halfway through. Here is how to solve the shakiness. Quit speaking the words. Sing them. That means staying with the vowel sounds that are working for you on the chorus and the bridges when you are doing the main verses. That is, sing the melody line, rather than reciting prose in however you would normally speak English. For example, your pronunciation of "through" has an oo sound that that is affecting the note. Relax that back to more of an uh or short oo sound. Here is a little trick you can try. Pick a vowel shape like ee. Then sing and hold a note wherever you like and articulate the lip movements for the letters a, b, c, d, and e, with minimal to no movement of the tongue. Record that and listen. And i bet you will hear those letters even while you were maintaining one vowel shape. You have to sing differently from how you speak. This song is absolutely perfect for you because it sounds good in your voice. It is also a good song for you because the melody ranges so far and the vocal style ranges from an almost choir-like dirge to a rock scream sound. And it will also serve as a litmus test for your improvement. Keep doing this song at different stages to gauge your changes.
  6. Body changes from different technique?

    Quite possibly. Someone had mentioned in an interview, and I cannot remember who said it and they may have only made an observation without knowing why, that singers tend to be "barrel-chested." I don't know how accurate that is but I do know that proper management of breath both requires and may cause changes in body alignment and maybe some muscle development, at least of lean muscle mass, in the lower thoracic. Just a theory, no studies. Anyone could easily prove me wrong. What do notice with time is once you get past a certain age, your body changes. I used to be able go to a buffet and scare a restaurant manager into cold sweats. Now, I can eat an advocado and gain three pounds.
  7. Is it mix voice / full voice?

    Isn't it funny how something that may seem counterintuitive is the solution, at least to a problem at the time? Just like using some nasalance or resonance in the nasal cavity actually can lead to a less "nasal" tone, even if you are feeling just about all of it there.
  8. Well done. And I could see this also getting synchro licensing on this. If the show were still going, this could be on "How I Met your Mother." I could also see it in a John Cusack movie. He's got the right melancholy look. It's funny, really, he and I are about the same age but he still looks so young. Anyway, excellent song, excellent singing. Dude, you are pro. You are the next rock star people didn't know they were missing. I mean like how everyone is now going koo koo for 21 Pilots? That is you, next.
  9. I would say it is not a matter of drills. And other than general conditioning any singer might engage to be able to sing for an hour or so, it is a matter of teaching yourself to NOT sing over the other instruments. Which means learning how to adjust your hearing from using IEMs or any other monitoring system. I already know how to sing acoustically in a room. But singing with ear monitor or even a stage wedge or headphones, that is a different perspective because now you hearing it in your ears instead of just feeling the buzzes in your body. You need a balance of gain for your voice against that of the band. The main reason singers, even those who have training, get injured or worn out in live situations and band events is because they are pushing too hard in order to compete with the volume of the other instruments. My favored guitar is my Hondo Flying V, going through my Roland GS-6 processor and jacked into my Fender 85 combo amp. The amp is rated for 200 watts rms. That is more than loud enough for most average night club venues. It's got a 60 lb magnet in the 15" speaker and can move a lot of air. A drum kit, even without mics into a pa, can generate 90 dB of sound loudness. On average, the kick drum is 22 to 24 inches, that is moving a lot of air. Bass guitar, making notes at 120 Hz and lower, has omnipresent volume because the nature of the note moves a lot of air and the sound is everywhere. Your vocal folds diameter is no bigger than your thumb to first knuckle and can be smaller than that. And the thickness averages the thickness of a fingernail, more or less. So, your instrument is actually smaller than your thumb. And is competing against amplified instruments that are also physically bigger. YOU NEED AMPLIFICATION. And that is a huge reason to follow Robert Lunte's advice about practicing with a hot mic in hand. You simply have to get used to how you sound coming through monitors and mains, especially against other instruments. And if you can't hear, turn it up. Also, with IEM, you will need to adjust eq of your voice and that of the rest of the band so that your voice has prominence. That is the way to do it, not really any choice. Anyone who disagrees with that is simply wrong and no amount of chest-beating, tree-swinging, banana-stealing, and shrieking is going to change that.
  10. Is it mix voice / full voice?

    Short answer, yes. And I don' think it matters too much the word, though obviously, for any person, one vowel or another is going to be more stable, especially when beginning. But yes, you were mixing voice and even the high note, which some might consider head voice can still sound a little mixed and that is okay. In the end, does it sound good for the song, regardless of how people want to describe it?
  11. Vocal fold hemorrhage

    You must be a victim of socialized medicine, like Obamacare, which is forcing some insurance companies to fold and others to pull out of markets, leaving a monopoly for single insurer throughout the western states. Thanks, Obama ... The reason I say that is if you had a good doctor who was not hampered by govt guidelines on what he or she can say or do, they would be able to give you a little more information. But the problem with socialists, such as Obama, is that they are not capable of adding one plus one and having it equal two. They simply cannot do it, it is not in their ability, it is like adopting that philosophy costs you some brain cells and actually changes your DNA to match. Expecting a socialist to perform 1+1=2 correctly is like expecting my dog, who has not been to medical school, to perform open heat surgery and have the patient live well. Just not gonna happen ... But I digress. Also, while this may be a forum of singers and a few of us geeks have learned a few points of anatomy. pretty much absolutely none of us is medically qualified in any form or fashion outside of my first aid merit badge in boy scouts and later, my CPR training card when I was a teacher. But because your doctor, trained and paid by Obamacare, is so crappy, and why should he or she be better, they already have a guaranteed reimbursement thanks to my tax dollars? Do they even know what false vocal folds are? Or is it just a matter of paying a fee and swearing allegiance to Satan to get a license to practice medicine? Is there, like, any testing for these people? How could they leave a patient like you with questions? I mean seriously. They should have taken care of you to the level that we could ask you questions instead of you asking us, a bunch of singers, none of whom are specialized in internal medicine. Again, thanks Obama .... The false vocal folds are a misnomer. They are not vibrating folds or tissue in any regard, whatsoever. They are membranes that are a bump above the true vocal folds and their main job is to release mucus onto the folds to keep the folds supple and pliant and not dry out. Now, of course, the size of FVF varies in each person, as does any structure, based on genetics. Some guys are going to have FVF that are more prominent and intrude upon the airway when producing sound. Like Louis Armstrong. It is a genetic mutation and Louis did not have to do or train anything to get that sound. Others, like myself, have smaller protusions than normal, barely there. So, I can squeeze all I want to to "engage the FVF" and just not get it, though I tried twice and hurt myself twice and gave myself partial laryngitis, twice. I have become just barely smarter than that since then. If someone has some prominent FVF then they will have a natural rattle or rasp that seems effortless because, well, it is. But you will find many a person, including singing teachers who will take your money talk about FVF distortion like it is something that can be trained. Very few teachers give a nod to genetic and structural differences. Why are you still hurting? Well that depends. Have you followed the directions you were given? Really, honestly? I remember the wisdom of Dr House, MD, (as played by actor Hugh Laurie.) - "Patients lie." Let's say whatever doctor you went to was good in spite of all odds. Have you followed the regimen given for recovery? Are you just being impatient? Have you gone back for a follow-up or to show that you are still experiencing symptoms? Point being, can they help you better than I can, which is not very much, albeit.
  12. Just agreeing with G. And yeah, the only challenge, as it were, is with yourself and not to put pressure on yourself. And also, remember, go back and listen to some of your earlier sound files so that you can also hear how you have improved. Which gives the inspiration and confirmation that you will improve more. It may not always be fast or overnight, but progress does happen. Then, one day, you look back and go, wow, I had this voice? Who knew? Well, you always had the voice, you just learned how to unleash it.
  13. Not necessary. Anyone can go to cdbaby and a few others and create their own account and those services will place on Spotify, which pays super low. In fact, Taylor Swift had her catalog removed from Spotify. So, basically, you are going to charge money to up the search engine? I personally think it would be better to shop new music to music directors for film studios and get synchro licensing. People see a movie and a song gets stuck in their head and the just have to and find it. I always advise others wanting to get into professional recording release to hire a lawyer. Before even hiring a manager or anything else.
  14. Go the Distance - Michael Bolton

    Also well done. I think you have the right voice for these romantic ballads and adult contemporary. You should keep this one in your ready to go set list.
  15. So Far Away - Carole King

    I had to listen, it is a song from my childhood. Pacific Ocean. Naval shipyard at the Port of Los Angeles. My first step-father, a boiler tech, seaman 2c aboard the USS Ogden. He had a Mercury Zephyr with the electric back window. His brother had a 69 Shovelhead built like "Captain America" with a diamond-shaped tank instead of teardrop. Anyway, hearing you sing this in your soft voice, you sounded a lot like Peter Cetera. That was cool.