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  1. And the winner is....UKRAINE! It's the first time they separate the jury's votes and the audience's votes, so Australia was winning all the time according to the jury's votes and suddenly they weren't and Ukraine (second but with a big gap below Australia) were the winners (second for the audience). For me it was very interesting to see that Poland was second to last in the jury's votes and then in the 3rd position for the audience. I don't remember now if Australia or Russia (first for the audience) are the second or third: The Spanish jury gave the most points to Armenia, and I can understand it...I liked that song too. It was different.
  2. Lots of boys. Hungary has many rivals. Are you watching, @kickingtone ??? I think it was the Bulgarian girl whose cry I was trying to imitate now. It must be very difficult to write original songs... they can remind you of some others. I like Poland. He's going to get hoarse!
  3. I bet Hungary will get many votes from the audience, because though men write the songs, the girls are the fans! Hungary is a young boy that looks like getting the female support. Let's see. Are you watching? What's your bet?
  4. G3-G5 I am bringing Shirley Bassey again because she was not in my radar and I've been discovering her lately. A girl brought to the forum a cover of "History Repeating", which I LOVED dancing at the time. The one above is in the Divas CD. And she can sing in the grandiose style that I quite enjoy (minute 3:42) :
  5. I have a CD called "Divas", with music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and this is one favorite song there that I had not heard before. It seems Dina Carrol is not singing now. A3-Eb5
  6. I've been checking how I do the R, and could only think of "lifting the tongue in the middle of the mouth". Here is a very good explanation: 2 Know the parts of the mouth involved in producing the "r" sound. There are three major parts of the mouth that have to constrict and work together to properly produce an "r" sound, and these include: The lips: To understand how the lips function when saying the "r" sound, ask someone who can pronounce it properly to say the word "rabbit." What does their mouth do when they say the "r" part of the word? If they're forming it correctly, their mouth makes a small circle. The rounded lips are the first component of a proper "r" pronunciation.[4] The tongue: If you are unable to make the "r" sound, you may have no idea what a tongue should be doing while properly pronouncing the "r." In fact, the tongue makes a small mound or hump in the mouth, and sound waves travel over that mound to properly execute the sound.[5] The pharynx: The pharynx is another word for the throat, and the part of the pharynx that is associated with the "r" sound is at the very top of the throat. In order to make the "r" sound, the pharynx has to constrict or tighten.'s
  7. Happy to hear you are surrounded by helpful Spanish people there. I was exaggerating a bit with the "Osa" thing. Some English speakers manage to have a great accent and pronunciation in the whole Spanish language. It's as hard for us to pronounce English well; simply very different pronunciations in both languages. Their vowels are very difficult with so many of them! And the many S too.
  8. True! I had not tried sounding the strong RRR but just the weak one. It is easier to roll the strong one. Well, how do you do Tongue Trills??? I do it with that Strong R. When an English person says my name, I mostly hear what translates as "bear (female)" in Spanish (Osa).
  9. I was listening now to the "Oh Darling" vocals version of Paul McCartney you linked, and I thought "Hey Paul McCartney sounds like KillerKu a bit".
  10. Maybe I am anchored too low? It seems to me I need to especially practice MMM and similar. There is like some resistance in my phonic apparatus while doing it and I guess I should get it clean. So probably need to be more nasal. kickingtone, resistance = consonant (a possible way to look at it?) I don't think F is a sibilant. Ah I notice now you've put a ? after the R. I was thinking we can do with R the same as with G, H, D, T and probably any consonant?
  11. That whistle at the end is impressive, Javastorm. Well, your whole rendition of the song! Singing Mariah You've worked this song really thoroughly and it shows in the result. Bravo!
  12. MDEW, I remember I once said this is one of Bee Gees' songs I can sing. But that was before I really tried. Good Job!!!
  13. I had/have his double CD of around 1995. This is my favorite song, and "Fool on the Hill". Paul McCartney C4-F5 A cute comment someone wrote there.