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  1. Jarom! I'm sure it's helpful and beneficial for you to get your voice reviewed, and of course I'm a big fan of at least 4 of the vocal coaches that roam the halls here at TMVW! That being said, you my friend have something that every singer ultimately hopes to have. . . . . . a unique voice! Yes, we're all unique essentially but you know what I mean! Your singing really catches my ear and pulls me in! Just because it's Jarom!  

    If I were to give examples of famous singers who have a "unique" sounding quality to their singing voice like you do, I would sight vocalists like: Jim Kerr, Bono, Matt Shultz, Nat King Cole, Chrissie Hynde, Johnny Cash, Joe Walsh, Anthony Kiedis.......  these are folks that I feel just stand out from among their famous peers.

    Good luck to you man! Your music is well crafted, good grooves, very catchy melodies!



  2. I want to record a high-quality song in the studio. I don't want it to sound pretty good or just nice. I want a professional radio-ready, tv ready sound. What do I need to do and how do I do it? Do I just buy recording time and they will do the rest or do I have to buy mixers and masters and all of the fancy people I don't know the names for? What are the steps and how do I start to make a pro recording of a song? I am not worried about how much the recording costs. I am only worried about the quality and the quality alone. Important information I have never done any work in a professional studio as far as I know, I do not know anyone personaly who has made a radio ready recording in a studio I do not have a drum set nor do I know how to play one if I did. Although I have had some experience with drum samples and thought they sounded pretty good at times Bass, Guitar, Vocals, and piano are all instruments That can be played professionally either by my self or others I know.
  3. I grew up Mormon and its against the Mormon religon to smoke or even drink. Maybe if you want to quit smoking you should just become Mormon Ha Ha Ha. Im joking obviously, but i think growing up around people that refused to smoke or drink really helped me to stay grounded. So, its not a bad idea to suround yourself with people that dont smoke...... the best and only answer you realy need is that smoking is bad and it dosent mix with singing.
  4. Welcome to the party I hope you brought pizza!!
  5. i have found that if i do a little bit of the "its the la" exersize from ken before i start the tvs resonet tracking it helps me to buzz better and eliminate choking. After i finish the resonet tracking exercises I do them again, then again, then again and again and again until i feel flexible and free. I then go onto sirens first i just do 5ths the i move on to the full octave, i do this until the passagio is smooth. After that I do some contract and release onsets and attack and release onsets. then i start singing easy songs and work my way up to harder stuff. thats my typical routine   btw I find it really anoying that I cant use spell check on this forum like i could on the previous one, its pretty obvious i need it ha ha. whenever I right click to get the word I ment to spell it just pops up a thing that says paste.....
  6. Get a coach..... a job isn't the only way to get money.....be an entrepreneur... not having the money is not an excuse. Do you have Pillars? if so, lift up pull back is the single greatest exercise for bridging.