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  1. Passengers in the studio

    I'm not really having any vocal issues but I do have issues performing it at live shows due to drummers not knowing how to play the song on the drums and people not able to sing the backing vocals. I've thought about using a minus track but that might seem to cheesy.
  2. Heres a little video my friend shot of me performing in the studio
  3. My song passengers was a quick filler song for my EP "Blink of an Eye" but has turned into one of my biggest "hits" being extremely popular at live shows. What are your thoughts on it?
  4. Thoughts on Blink of an Eye EP

    Thanks for the reply, yea the placement like that was done on purpose i knew what i was doing.
  5. Jarom! I'm sure it's helpful and beneficial for you to get your voice reviewed, and of course I'm a big fan of at least 4 of the vocal coaches that roam the halls here at TMVW! That being said, you my friend have something that every singer ultimately hopes to have. . . . . . a unique voice! Yes, we're all unique essentially but you know what I mean! Your singing really catches my ear and pulls me in! Just because it's Jarom!  

    If I were to give examples of famous singers who have a "unique" sounding quality to their singing voice like you do, I would sight vocalists like: Jim Kerr, Bono, Matt Shultz, Nat King Cole, Chrissie Hynde, Johnny Cash, Joe Walsh, Anthony Kiedis.......  these are folks that I feel just stand out from among their famous peers.

    Good luck to you man! Your music is well crafted, good grooves, very catchy melodies!



  6. Thoughts on Blink of an Eye EP

    Ok, how about the title track "blink of an eye"
  7. I thought I'd post an official review my singing thread for my new EP "Blink of an Eye" available on all major music platforms. What are your thoughts? What do you like? what do you not like? whats your favorite song? iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blink-of-an-eye-ep/id1208272015 Spotify
  8. I just got back from the studio and just finished another song. The ep is coming together and should be released early next year. I am realy liking the way my voice has developed. When I first started I couldent sing above middle c and didn't know how sing anywhere remotly close to the pitch.
  9. Radio Head -High and Dry

    You don't have to, but its a good start. The song may sound silly but it has done wonders for many people (at least in my family). If you haven't noticed already, it goes through each note in an octave. Just like Julie Andrews sings in the song "when you know the note to sing you can sing most anything". You could also sing it with numbers such as 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 being the bottom note and 8 being the top. Oh, and its a good movie... watch it if you haven't seen it.
  10. Radio Head -High and Dry

    You need to work on pitch. I had the same problem when I started. Doe ray me fa so la te doe. master that
  11. Radio Head -High and Dry

    Submitting Your Review When submitting your sample, please embed a link that will stream. We recommend YouTube.com, Soundcloud.com or Box.net. NO DOWNLOADS. When submitting your song, please find the original video on YouTube and embed it into your initial post so that members can hear the original song. Click HERE to learn how to embed a YouTube video.
  12. Radio Head -High and Dry

    It doesn't matter if you can download it. The policy is that you need to post streamable content.