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  1. Steven Tyler just gets better and better..... He's probably a god or something or maybe Satan him self.
  2. Thanks for the reply, yea the placement like that was done on purpose i knew what i was doing.
  3. Recently I have noticed a lot of bad behavior when it comes to the treatment of others in the singing community (specifically Tristan the controversial former member of the forum). He has posted some videos "attacking" other coaches but to me, they were actually more playful and brought some light on a lot of the bull sh*t that is so popular in the community these days. If you watch his videos you know that the majority the coaches he "attacks" he actually supports a lot of what they have to say. However, on the other side I have seen nothing but bullying and harassment to him. Yea, his vocal method is heavily flawed, yea his bashing videos sometimes go to far and yea he maybe has a little to much beef with Robert (although I don't know what has happened behind the scenes) but he deserves to be treated like a human being..... he has brought a lot of quality ideas and concepts to the community, please have respect thanks!
  4. Jarom! I'm sure it's helpful and beneficial for you to get your voice reviewed, and of course I'm a big fan of at least 4 of the vocal coaches that roam the halls here at TMVW! That being said, you my friend have something that every singer ultimately hopes to have. . . . . . a unique voice! Yes, we're all unique essentially but you know what I mean! Your singing really catches my ear and pulls me in! Just because it's Jarom!  

    If I were to give examples of famous singers who have a "unique" sounding quality to their singing voice like you do, I would sight vocalists like: Jim Kerr, Bono, Matt Shultz, Nat King Cole, Chrissie Hynde, Johnny Cash, Joe Walsh, Anthony Kiedis.......  these are folks that I feel just stand out from among their famous peers.

    Good luck to you man! Your music is well crafted, good grooves, very catchy melodies!



  5. Ok, how about the title track "blink of an eye"
  6. Yea, for some people those exercises would help. But for most people especially beginners it would just encourage choking.
  7. I thought I'd post an official review my singing thread for my new EP "Blink of an Eye" available on all major music platforms. What are your thoughts? What do you like? what do you not like? whats your favorite song? iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blink-of-an-eye-ep/id1208272015 Spotify
  8. but Goodbye Afternoon is the one
  9. all of them........
  10. better yet.... my whole EP (that song included)
  11. I had severe depression all because I wanted to sing but I was to scared to even in my own home. Once I started to sing my family told me to stop and called me the worst singer they had ever heard, that didn't boost my confidence much but I kept going...... now they ask me to sing
  12. I have an E.P coming out this week with goodbye afternoon on it. Almost Creation is my latest single which you can find on Spotify, iTunes and everywhere in between. I can't do any covers without getting in trouble legally so I can't do any Keane songs.
  13. Hey guys, I have a 45-minute show coming up and I'm worried I won't be able to fill it seeing how I only have 5 maybe 7 performance ready songs . What are some techniques to stretch out performances?