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  1. Here's a recording from this evening, now I tried recording audio with 2 mic's and a line out from guitar (one of the mic's visible, other one as a room mic). I think it was KillerKu who in one of my previous covers pointed out I should make more of an effort with the recording setup. It's not yet where I want it to be with the audio, but getting better I think. Anyway - I like this song, it's fun to sing and leaves room for playing around with distortion.
  2. Wow! Well done! Crazily good cover on this one. Maiden is tough stuff to sing. I like your control and smoothness of your top register!
  3. Thank you all for comments and support!  Rob & KillerKu - I agree about the tempo. I just get too excited when singing this and start speeding it up. I should probably start practicing with a metronome.  Gneetapp - thanks man! For this coming gig we'll stick to acoustics. 2 guitars, Cajon and tambourine. Other guitarist will sing some backing vocals on some songs (but probably not this one). I'll think about adding more weight, but don't want to get all too heavy when having a lot more songs in the set I'm getting better and better control over distortion, but I'm still not 100% with it (but starting to be very near full control now), so I'm trying to keep this a bit lighter so as to not over sing. 
  4. From this afternoons acoustic practice. Planning to sing this on a gig next month.  Distortion is working better and better, with less effort needed.
  5. What about a solution for in ear monitoring? I'm not sure what setup you are running, but at rehearsal with my band I used a monitor channel from the mixer for the guitars into a small behringer mixer. And a line out from my vocal pedal into another channel on the small mixer. Then I use very isolating earphones from the small mixer - works both as earplugs and I can myself set the balance between guitars and vocals. If we would be playing live a lot more I'd invest in a wireless system, but for rehearsal it works great. Saves my voice when I can hear what I'm doing... Earplugs are Shure Se215, stays really well in my ears (use them for running with music in my ears too)
  6. I liked this one a lot. Very heartfelt. I agree with others on here that you have your own vocal sound, a very important thing as a singer. You definitely have an accent singing this, but it's not necessairily something bad.   Anyhow - very nice work! Keep it up!  
  7. Gneetapp and bono1982 - thank you ver much!   I'm very grateful for all the nice comments on here, really heartwarming guys! I'll try to get some new material with better quality audio up in a not too distant future!
  8. I was also a bit confused initially, didn't expect the jazzy stuff. Your vocals sound great. Nice tone, and cool that it was so clear in the busy jazz part. I thought the guitar sound on the heavy part was maybe on the thin side, could be a bit more beefy maybe? I'd like to hear the whole track when it's done!
  9. Vats & Ken - thank you both for the feedback!   And Ron thanks for the link. I do have some songs I need to learn first, but I will definitely add that one to the list!   I'll admit I'm no big Kiss fan, although I do enjoy listening to them. Paul Stanley have some serious pipes. I picked this song up when searching for 80s rock for a troubadour gig. Didn't feel like I could do it in original key though, and I skipped the key change by the end   Seems there's no going back from using distortion now when I learnt how to do it. Everyone, myself included, seem to prefer it to the clean singing, haha.
  10. I really like this one! Lots of heart put into this, and I like how you're playing with dynamics and some distortion. I would maybe like it to be just a little, little more polished. But I'm damaged when it comes to listening also. Do you have any video of live performances? I would imagine you are great on stage, at least it's the feeling I get when hearing you.
  11. Says the first one (The Way Love Goes) is removed, but I listened to One Last Cry. Sounds great man, I like all the riffs and runs you got going. Very pro. I'm not so much into RnB and soul, but I'd say you got this style by the balls. Great work!
  12. I think it sounds great. Good tone, suits the song. What I would like to see is you knowing the song, and facing the camera in a performance instead of facing away from it - when you have another go at recording it 
  13. Thank you very much guys! Ron, I hadn't heard that song before. I might give it a try some day! KillerKu - thanks for the ideas. I'll definitely do some more proper recordings. This was a spontaneous thing. Wife and kids left home for two hours so I had some time to practice and sing, so I figured I'd just turn the camera on and rock it. Thanks for the link also, hadn't heard about Allen Stone at all. Real nice song, and fun idea with living room recording!
  14. Thanks!   The voice is like other muscles - you work out a couple of hours and you'll get sore Build it gradually, and remember to warm up. I like doing "warm downs" as well after singing a lot or singing heavy. Liprolls and mm-slides, just soft and easy to work back some elasticity before stopping for the day.   The more you sing, the stronger you'll get. Just be careful not to strain or over sing. You'll learn where your limits are soon enough. And you'll probably notice those high notes are more about finess than brute force, so you'll need less air for those.   You could check out Felicia Ricci on Youtube. I think she's got some great advice in a lot of her videos (and a free "belting crash course" too).   Keep up the good work!
  15. You know you can transpose songs as well, right? Thats is - change the key so the songs fit your range.   I've been singing some songs originally done by females, and then I usually change both key and some smaller lyric parts.   Recorded an example: '>