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  1. Experiment to Evaluate the importance of nasal.pdf?dl=0
  2. Martins feed. He looks great in make up . 

  3. Martin H

    Nasality or Twang in Full Voice?

    No, we want the possibility to choose between nasality or not. That would be the good thing.
  4. Martin H

    Nasality or Twang in Full Voice?

    I think it's important to note, in regards to nasality, that we distinguish between what is audible to the human ear, and what can be measured with sophisticated instruments. Does the nasal cavities and sinuses always resonate? They "might"....however it's been documented that often it's not audible to the human ear. Vennard showed, that if you close the velar port and phonate, then you can't hear the difference if the nasal cavities or sinuses are stuffed or not ---- hence you can't hear any "nasal resonance" or the nasal cavities and sinuses do not "contribute" to the audible sound when the velar port is closed.
  5. Martin H

    Staying in Vocal Shape

    I would say I don't have a "maintenance" approach (because that could indicate you are always "recovering"). I have an "evolvement" approach.
  6. Martin H

    Recent Analyisis of Freddie Mercury's Voice

    @Bob Actually, Freddie never sang "The Show Must Go On" live. The last live performance with Freddie and the other members was at Knebworth Park on the 9th of August 1986.
  7. Martin H

    Recent Analyisis of Freddie Mercury's Voice

    Yes, versatile is a key element in regards to Freddie:
  8. Martin H

    How To Support Vocal Sirens

    That depends on how you approach those notes. I always use the phrase: It all depends. Because there are all these variables. My point, no, higher notes are not louder to start with. It all....depends.
  9. Martin H

    FOR THE "Baritones" (or those who think they are)

    In regards to Freddie and the nodules. I would just point out, as he also said himself, that they appeared on occasions. But that doesn't mean that he sang with nodules. Actually, I would say, with my experience, he never or rarely did. He's referring to beginning nodules, not permanent ones. And with vocal rest or voice therapy, they will usually subside.
  10. That's what you get when there's nothing else to say my friend. Loved your video tutorial. Although I might disagree with some pointers, but that's nitpicking.
  11. Martin H

    Famous female singers I like

    Actually, Shirley doesn't have that overly twangy quality in her voice in this clip. If you listen to Anastasia which was posted in this thread you'll hear this distinct twang.
  12. I think, in this discussion, it's important to separate content from knowledge (information). Not that those can't be interchanged, but it's still important in my opinion. They don't necessarily go hand in hand. A whole bunch of scales or what have you (content) will do you very little if you don't have some (knowledge, info) to go a long with it.
  13. Martin H

    Famous female singers I like

    @Rosa Well, "cry" is most often associated with a more "mournful" or "plaintive" quality, like the signature sound of people like Stevie Wonder and most of the boy bands.
  14. Martin H

    Famous female singers I like

    @Rosa She is using what is called twang. That's what gives her those high piercing sounds.
  15. Martin H

    Famous female singers I like

    I like me some PATTI: