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  1. Martins feed. He looks great in make up . 

  2. @Rob   Maybe you are right. I'm a bit analytical, actually I'm a lot. So maybe that's why it clicked for me.    Anyways, you are on the right path. Keep going.   Cheers,   Martin   
  3. @Nalyd   You may be right. But then again, did people really read the book? I mean, really really read the book?   Anyways, it clicked with me. I understood it. And maybe the advantage was, that this was the first "method" I encountered. I don't know.   But it helped. 
  4. From my own perspective as a beginner.   Back in 2000 I read the CVT book (and listened to the CD) when I started on my vocal quest. And I must say it helped me so much, also as a beginner. I'm glad I found that resource and their philosophy. So yes, I have learned most from a book.   Whatever floats your boat. Just my two cents. 
  5. @Rob   You definitely make a valid point in regards to training and especially "how to". And I can see the importance in making it one of the main focuses of your program. I'm actually doing a bit of research myself in that area. Taking advantage from other fields such as motor control, motor learning, didactic and exercise physiology.   A lot can be gained from training correctly or what I call SmartPractice. And a lot of the research from the other fields I mentioned can be applied to voice training.
  6. Rob,   Thank you for the clarification. You are right that I don't have the latest edition of Pillars, though I know it's packed with training content. And you are right that compared to the other methods it contains a lot of that. So, in regards to your notion about training content, TVS is far superior in that regard.
  7. Hi Rob,   I'm a bit curious to know how you define training content? If you are referring to pre-recorded scales, sirens etc. Then you are correct that EVT and CVT don't include "training content". But if you are referring to exercises then there are an abundance in both the EVT and CVT books.
  8. Joanna, I would like to know if they actually ever get hoarse? Just because the speaking voice sounds a bit weired after a heavy singing session doesn't mean that any harm is done. Singing requires much more muscle activity than speaking and therefor when you are done singing it can take some time for the muscles to "gear" down and that can be the reason why the speaking sounds a bit weired until the muscles are relaxed.
  9. That is exactly the case. You have to know how to stay centered. We are humans and sometimes we forget things..So you need to get back to the center again (which I'm pretty sure is curbing). And analog's respons is right on (I've seen your post on the CVT-forum by the way). So can it happen overnight...yes. So my advice is to dig into curbing from scratch unless of course the other modes are creating the same unwanted distortion...which is why I want to hear you sing in another mode..
  10. Freddie, Thank you, it's 99% clear that your vocal folds are just fine. And therefore it's a question about technique. Your unwanted distortion happens when you sing in Curbing, this shows that you are not in center. Try sing something in pure Overdrive and see if the same thing happens. :)
  11. Freddie, Can you provide a clip where you sing softly in the high C range? Like sylabyls like lalalala....? Or a slide from high to low or the other way...just keep it soft...:)
  12. Yes I know Elrathion:) And what is best for the health of the voice(since this thread is about "water for singers")? Drinking a gallon of water a day? Or having a solid technique? ;)
  13. Hmmm....and how does water make you a better singer??? You can drink all water in the world and you still sound like crap! And then you can take zinch, C-vitamin and B-vitamin and licorice, and you can steam your vocal folds, and you can drink coat throat and mint and vanilla and camille ans slippery elm bark and menthol and peppermint and juice and salt and tutiy and tpfhpjfg and fgihfgihgpgh......and you know what??? YOU STILL SOUND LIKE CRAP!!! It's just like the guy who thinks that a new pair of nice expensive Nike shoes will make him a fantastic runner!!!