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  1. Martins feed. He looks great in make up . 

  2. Sirens and progress

    Well, it does sound fine....what do you think and how does it feel? It would be best to include you singing a song or snippets from a song.
  3. Sirens and progress

    @Elvis Vocal range in regards to? Or more specifically, what are you trying to accomplish using those "sirens"?
  4. Nice presentation Rob. @Gallant, as Robert said, CVT and TVS can work perfectly fine together. To get another view on onsets which is a big part of TVS. I can help you, if there's something you don't quite understand.
  5. Felipe Carvalho - Radio Gaga

    Great job Felipe! I think it's cool that you emphasize the two syllables on the words power and hour. I love the fact that all members of Queen made great hits (which is very very rare by the way). This number was written by the drummer Roger Taylor. Freddie Mercury: We are the champions etc. Brian May: We will rock you John Deacon: Another one bites the dust
  6. Che Gelida Manina - Puccini (opera)

    Nice job (a room with more resonance would be even better), glad to have some classical males on board.
  7. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

    Nice (some Michael Ball flavor there). Although you stray a bit from the melody in places. But nice tone.
  8. The Old Landmark

    Thanks guys.
  9. The Old Landmark

    Rob,   Yep, that's me. I remember I was dressed up like a "white preacher". LOL
  10. The Old Landmark

    Hi all,   I think it's fun to listen to old recordings. My friend just sent this to me. It's from the show "The Blues Brothers" and was recorded over 10 years ago. Martin H on the bear with me...LOL
  11. The Four Pillars of Singing

    @Rob   Maybe you are right. I'm a bit analytical, actually I'm a lot. So maybe that's why it clicked for me.    Anyways, you are on the right path. Keep going.   Cheers,   Martin   
  12. The Four Pillars of Singing

    @Rob   Just letting everybody know that it helped me a lot. Also as a beginner.   
  13. The Four Pillars of Singing

    @Nalyd   You may be right. But then again, did people really read the book? I mean, really really read the book?   Anyways, it clicked with me. I understood it. And maybe the advantage was, that this was the first "method" I encountered. I don't know.   But it helped. 
  14. The Four Pillars of Singing

    From my own perspective as a beginner.   Back in 2000 I read the CVT book (and listened to the CD) when I started on my vocal quest. And I must say it helped me so much, also as a beginner. I'm glad I found that resource and their philosophy. So yes, I have learned most from a book.   Whatever floats your boat. Just my two cents.