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  1. Review my singing

    you sound good man always room to improve but i like it. lay off the processing and then you got something
  2. Correct placement for high notes

    Sounds like your searching for different voices. Its kind of all over the place resonance wise. With some work keeping it "in the pocket" i think you would have an easier time
  3. The Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera

    It was good but pitchy in spots. I think if you could find mixed voice in a those spots it would be a little tighter..
  4. Felipe Carvalho - Bring Him Home (Les Miserables)

    great job felipe!!!
  5. Hey Adolph is this the personal message area now. I don't seem to have an inbox :/

  6. just heard this. so you wanna get this right 1. don't sing oh in open sing uhpen. but don't swoop to it get right on it attack it on the note. same with love don't swoop sing uh luhve. as it sounds. not lahve now aside from that some of the approach needs work . but i think you can get it don't swoop it carries weight from the bottom..
  7. Highest Register break/head voice

    it depends on where you are range wise and if its a heavy mix or a lighter sound. don't just add twang, really work on the vowels they will add the twang if you are using them correctly
  8. Highest Register break/head voice

    The reason it is inconsistent is because those songs hover around d4 to a4. brightside if you play starting on D major. Sings d4 the whole verse then goes up to some f# and g's so if you sing constantly on d4 you could get very tired by the time you go up to f# you are gonna feel you have to push. This is where perfect practice (vowels, breath etc) is gonna be really important. Knowing exactly how to approach. If you just keep blindly throwing yourself at it it's gonna be a long hard road. Basically think of it like you are lifting a moderate heavy weight but a ton of times. It's gonna get tiring.
  9. Con te Partiro - Andrea Bocelli

    real good job on a very hard song ......awesome
  10. Wanna be able to sing high without shouting

    Hey simpan you definitely don't have to worry about whether you are a baritone or tenor yet unless you decide to sing classical. From listening to the clip I think you know that what's happening is you just keep getting louder and louder until you can't get any louder and it just caps out. That is definitely not the way to do it. You want to stay connected without getting louder. Work on your falsetto up and down your range a bit first then choose a volume and stick with it. Sing on ah to oo that might help. Try to relax your face and jaw and mouth like your a mannequin and think like you are singing straight across rather than going up and down. Just some thoughts to work with but don't continue with what you were doing.
  11. Dietary changes can affect your voice for a bit. Changes in the way your body will hold water occur. Give it time to get used to it.
  12. tone? mic? comments?

  13. Me (Nocturnal Rites cover)

    nice job!!!!! you have great tone i love it.. You sing great and the tone is very natural...
  14. Texas Has a Whorehouse in it

    Nice like Felipe said its funny without knowing a word. Great singing man;)