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Found 482 results

  1. Hello all, I come to you with a question that I can't find answered anywhere else in the way I'd like it to be.  I've been singing for a few years now and I am quite happy with my voice.  I have a quite strong chest voice that I am currently stretching into the fourth octave inch by inch. (I am still at the point where I am losing ease and starting to strain by C#4) However, what I strongly desire is to have a beautiful head voice sound that can cover all dynamics from soft and pretty to loud and powerful.  I used to not have any head voice tone whatsoever available to me but about a year back I found I was able to make the smallest strained peep in a head tone around D4 and since then it's been getting easier but still can only phonate at extremely quiet levels.   So, my question is, how does one grow their head voice to get a more resonant tone?  I can sing in head voice comfortably up to E4 at this point and stretch it up to G4 but it's so damn quiet.  What do I have to do to grow this sound so that I have the dynamic control to swell the tone into bigger resonance?  I assumed I just had to keep practicing with it even if it is very quiet but now I am worried that singing so quietly isn't doing anything for the sound's resonance as the volume of my head voice is still just as limited as it was when if first discovered it.  If anyone can give me some reassurance as to how to truly grow the head voice to have strong dynamic control and range I'd most appreciate it.   Here is a clip of what I assume to be my head voice currently sounds like:  If I try to increase the volume on this sound at all it turns into crackling noise and cuts out.     Thanks!
  2. I've recently made a concerted effort to lighten the mass of my phonation as I ascend. This has been a HUGE help as I kept getting "stuck" at A#4 and could never get past it to B4 in a light mass configuration.   I have no problem "pulling chest" and getting a more belty, beefy head tone B4 and above; in fact, it was much easier for me to access the notes above A#4 by using more M1 musculature. It allowed me to go up to D5 and even to E5 easier than the light mass way; now after trying to "shed the weight" as I ascend, I've been able to get bright, twangy head tones on B4 and couple of times on C5 as well.   As Robert has said before, the light mass way is MUCH less tiring on the voice, it almost feels effortless but sounds bright and connected. As of now, I can only sustain and "pull" M1 so high for so long before getting fatigued: not straining, as everything feels open and free, but my voice gets tired much easier than compared to the light mass way. Continuing to train the M1 "pull" should provide more stamina so I can utilize it for longer periods of time.   As for the light mass configuration, this is the sound I ultimately want, the James LaBrie/Geoff Tate/Rob Halford way, as opposed to the Bruce Dickinson way. Not that there's anything wrong with Bruce, he's one of my favorites, but it's not the sound color I'm looking for. I'm glad to have found both configurations and will train and utilize both of them.   Moral of the story is if you are looking for a light mass sound color, keep your phonation light and lighten the mass as you ascend. Robert has mentioned this before in his online videos but until I tried applying it yesterday and today, I didn't fully realize how big of a difference it makes. I feel as if my voice just "slots" into the proper place when slightly modifying the vowel and lightening the mass. It's a very delicate configuration.   Just figured I'd share my story and a bit of advice.
  3. My Mom approached me the other day wanting me to teach her. So now i'm giving her free lessons because.... well shes my mom. she is having a super hard time connecting and bridging through her break. I have tried lift up pull back, resonant tracking, mums, bubs, bips, and tons of other exercises to help get her to bridge yet she still either yells the note or switches to the voice she has sung with for 30 years, a breathy falsetto carpenter type voice. Her embouchure and vowel mods are ok I just need to remind her to drop her jaw all the time.    What are some tips to get her into the right placement and to bridge her registers?
  4. cantando

    Thyroid Tilt.

    Any Estill experts here? I've come to realize that the main thing that has been holding me back is that I can't get thyroid tilt to happen in thick folds. I have been trying for a very long time now and nothing seems to work. I can make it happen only in very thin. Someone once brought my attention to the fact that one unmistakable sign that thyroid tilt is happening is that an octave feels extremely small, which is due to the fact that the folds are already pulled tighter and the arytenoids have to move less to reach higher notes. In my thinnest thin, I can make it happen easily, but otherwise, it just doesn't happen no matter how much effortfully I use cry/sob.   Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to get thyroid tilt and thick folds (modal voice) at the same time?
  5. Hi Folks..  This is one of my favorite songs.. I think this song is well within my range, the A4 is not an issue..    I seem to have an issue with the start of the song.. Where it starts with "Can you remember" and again at the point where it says "I am returning" & "A strand of Silver".. I am seemingly sounding like I am shouting and losing integrity of the note.. I am using a mix voice(or as Robert would say a covered head voice) throughout the song.. Please check if you can spot anything and let me know what I can do..   Getting a copyright issue with soundcloud so trying a couple of other websites..     
  6. Hello all,   First off, great to see the new TMVW forum up and running. A great new interface!   I was practicing light head tones and I think I ended up figuring out how to transition around B4 and up.   I ended up recording what it sounded like with my phone so the quality's not so great, but the head tone sounds full and twangy. I think it ended up being an E5 (although I'm not sure).   Let me know what you guys think, any feedback is welcome.